Retro-Fit Osmosis damp proof course

Twistfix have just introduced a brand new animated instruction guide which shows the installation of a retro-fit osmosis damp proof course, non-chemical. We supply the full Electro Osmotic 25m Damp Proofing Kit in order to solve the common problem of rising damp.

This particular method works by positively charging free moisture molecules causing them to repel from the positive anode and become attracted to the negative cathode which is buried in the ground. This is the process which is known as osmosis.

Rising damp is a common problem and is caused by the upward movement of water in the lower parts of walls and other ground supported structures. The movement known as capillary action is what causes rising damp and this can often be spotted by a mark it leaves behind, the tide mark. This is caused by soluble salts such as nitrates and chlorides which are contained within the rising groundwater. The process of evaporation causes these salts to gather together at the very peak of the rising damp leaving this mark.

This particular process is ideal for walls up to 600mm thick and is the only reliable rising damp treatment for rubble filled stone walls. Lectros Electro Osmotic damp proofing system uniquely protects the timber flooring joists of a structure even when the anodes are installed above those timbers.  The small repellent current drives excess moisture beneath the floor and towards the deeper cathode that is buried in the earth.

Electro Osmotic 25m Damp Proofing Kit includes:

25 x Platinum-coated Titanium Anodes connected by Titanium Wire
1 x Copper coated Cathode Rod & Clamp
1 x Osmotic power unit - Pro kit comes with digital monitor / voltage regulator
1 x Crimping Tool - HD
10 x Crimps
5m x Plain Titanium wire
5m x Wire & Sleeving (power unit to cathode)
1 x Set of Lectros electro-osmotic DPC installation instructions

You can easily monitor the electrical charge which is being carried through the wall by moisture, the kit includes a small digital measuring device and so as moisture content reduces you will see a reduction in the current which is displayed on the LED readout. Any unused voltage will be seen to increase.

The kit is now being sold successfully throughout the UK and Europe, not only is it environmentally friendly as it contains no chemicals or fumes but it is extremely reliable seeing over 200,000 properties around the world protected over a 30 year period.

If this isn’t enough though the product is extremely versatile as it can be used for treatment of rising damp in both modern and historic structures, its success is proven through the ongoing monitoring system which can be fitted.

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