Roofing Insulation: Have a Warm Winter!

As we have moved from September into October, the weather has been becoming noticeably colder, particularly during the night time. This has led to the annual increase in the demand for roofing insulation and Twistfix are right here ready to supply those needs with professional, efficient and cost-effective roofing insulation products. Two particularly popular roofing insulation options available now from Twistfix are detailed below.

SuperQuilt Multi Foil InsulationSuperQuilt Multi Foil Insulation

Representing a unique, innovative and highly effective method of maintaining indoor temperatures at an optimum level, SuperQuilt Multi Foil Insulation continues to increase in popularity. The product is made using 19 separate foil layers, which are attached together to form a single, lightweight insulating sheet.

Once installed, a process that is quick and simple to achieve, SuperQuilt is guaranteed to deliver excellent thermal resistance, keeping out the cold during winter and reflecting infrared heat to ensure temperatures do not become unpleasantly hot during summer. SuperQuilt Multi Foil Insulation is designed to be easy to handle, making installation an easy task. The product carries Building Control Certification and is ideal for both renovation and new-build projects.

The thermal insulation layer is extremely easy to handle, making installation a matter of simplicity. Both quality and user-safety levels are guaranteed thanks to Building Control Certification and a barrage of independent tests. Ideal for either new-build or renovation projects, SuperQuilt Multi Foil Insulation is both versatile and cost-effective.

Roof Loft Insulation Spray KitRoof Loft Insulation Spray Kit

Quickly creating an efficient insulation seal is made simple with the Roof Loft Insulation Spray Kit from Twistfix, which contains polyol and isocyanate formulas. These are closed-cell polyurethane formulas which are designed to reduce heat loss as well as condensation, enhancing thermal performance while also protecting against the problem of tile slippage.

As well as the insulating formulas, the kit also includes all of the necessary accessories such as nozzles and hoses, along with a dispensing gun of professional quality. For re-orders, a tanks-only kit is also available.

Discover these and many more insulation products on the Twistfix website. 

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