Roofing Repairs: Beat Storm Gareth with Twistfix!

The warmest February on record has been quickly followed by a series of storms hitting the UK, prompting urgent need for roof repairs and protection. This week Storm Gareth has brought damaging heavy rain and strong winds; Twistfix supply a wide range of professional products to protect properties against storm damage, including acrylic roof-sealing paint.

Twistfix roof paint is an acrylic-based roof sealant which is designed to produce a robust, durable waterproof coating that instantly seals leaks in almost any type of roofing material. The coating is an elastomeric formula which contains microscopic fibres; these fibres help to repair and restore leaking, cracked roofing material by enhancing flexural strength, allowing the coating to move with the natural thermal movements of the roof.

Twistfix acrylic sealant is a high-performance product and works more or less instantly, even if applied while it is raining. While curing, the product will not wash away and the product is designed to strongly resist against ponding. Primer is generally not required and only a single coat of the formula is necessary.

The product is ideal for sealing all kinds of leaking roofs, including flat roofs, asphalt, concrete, asbestos, felt, slate, lead bays, gutters, valleys and roof lights. It is no exaggeration to say that Twistfix roof paint is the best acrylic repair coating available on today's market and the economical 5kg tin ensures total cost-effectiveness. The paint is solar-reflective, grey in colour and can be simply and effectively applied with a spatula or brush.

Defend any property against the bad weather this season with Twistfix Roof Paints; find out more details on the product page.

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