Save £££s on Crack Stitching Products!

Products used for masonry crack stitching are a Twistfix speciality. For a limited time, you can make big cost savings on selected items from our crack stitching range: in this edition of our blog, we present three of these discounted products...

Helical Bars for Bed Joint Reinforcement: Save 32%!

Sold in packs of five, these retrofit bed joint reinforcement bars measure 7m in length and have a 6mm diameter, making them ideal for many brick reinforcement and masonry repair applications. The bars are made using high-quality Grade 304 austenitic stainless steel, giving them a tensile strength double that of rebar, quadruple that of epoxy glass-fibre rods and no less than seven times that of wound helix plate.

Crack Stitching Rods 100 Pack: Save 10%!

Used to repair and add strength to cracked walls, these high-tensile helical rods can be used with equal success on cracked brick, block and stone walls. When correctly installed, the stitching rods enhance the shear, flexural and tensile strength of masonry, delivering a permanent solution to fractured walls that is designed to exceed the design life of the structure.

WHO-60 High Performance Masonry Repair Grout: Save up to 14%!

Though this specialist masonry repair grout is primarily used to bond crack stitching bars into walls as part of a retrofit masonry reinforcement project, it also makes an ideal brick slip adhesive. The thixotropic formula, which can be applied either with a trowel or a mortar gun, is smooth and completely cohesive. Save 6% on single 3L packs or save 14% on our multipack, which contains 48 tubs.

Discover our full range of crack stitching options on the website. Order soon to receive your discount!

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