Special Springtime Offers — Stock up NOW...

How are you enjoying the spring so far? We are finding that it is still just a little bit chilly but we certainly aren’t complaining - the winter has been absolutely awful and we are glad to see the season change, even if it is a bit late! Lots of our products have been lowered in price and, as construction work is starting to become more frequently available with the change in weather, it couldn’t come at a better time.

Products that currently feature a tempting price discount from Twistfix include:

Asphalt Repair Kit

With the wet and cold combining, many small cracks have been made worse as they fill with water which freezes, widens the crack and thaws in a continuing cycle. This means that many road surfaces, paths, driveways and more are in need of repair as the weather warms. Our Asphalt Repair Kit is designed to reliably deliver the quickest and most robust repairs to such damaged surfaces, whatever the environmental conditions at the time.

  • Free of solvents
  • Kit includes 3 resealable, recyclable tubs of cold lay macadam
  • Spray can of quality Bitumen Cold Joint Sealer also included

Roof Sealing Paint - Acrylic Coating

Wind, rain and a host of storms revealed lots of leaky roofs this winter and protection is needed to stop it happening when it rains again (hopefully not soon!). A waterproof coating can be quickly and reliably provided with our Roof Sealing Paint which, with added fibres, offers a cost-effective way to repair cracked and/or leaking roof materials of many types.

  • Elastomeric formulation combines with added fibres to improve flexural qualities
  • Doesn’t wash off while curing; can be applied even while it’s raining
  • No need for primer, just apply this innovative product directly to all types of roof material from felt and slates to concrete and asphalt

These are just two of the products available NOW from Twistfix with a substantial price discount, allowing you to further improve the service you offer to your discerning clients. Why not browse the rest of our selection now, starting with our up-to-date list of new items in the ‘New Products’ section of our website? There are 1000s of products just waiting to be discovered, each and every one of which could transform the way you work…

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