Sun, Rain, Fog, Wind — It Can Only be SUMMERTIME!

basement waterproofing membrane

We really don’t know what to say about the weather anymore – the minute we welcome the sun it seems to start raining. Then we start a good grumble off about that and before we have even finished its sunshine and flowers again! Well it’s a good job that Twistfix are here for you year round with all the construction and renovation products you need, come rain, shine or both simultaneously.

All we can really do is comment on the weather in our own local area - and our comments might not even be fit for printing! Safe to say that the few days of snatched sunshine have been well and truly paid for by rotten downpours. These sudden summer rainfalls are often blamed for causing basement leaks when the truth is that the added pressure has just revealed an existing problem.

Any basement or cellar should be adequately protected against water ingress in order to avoid the myriad of problems caused by wet and damp conditions. Waterproof tanking systems are particularly important where the underground area is to be used as a living or working space.

As a family or business grows, space comes more at a premium. For many, the cost of upgrading to a larger property is prohibitive and extending buildings into garden areas is often impractical or undesirable.  Therefore basement conversion is often used as a simple, cost-effective method of providing extra room particularly in cities having limited space, like London for instance.

Waterproofing membranes, also known as cavity drain damp proofing membranes, are an essential part of a quality basement waterproofing system. Providing an air-gap between itself and the wall or floor it is applied to, a waterproofing membrane will allow for water to pass safely behind it into drainage channels and from there into a pump-housing sump.

Installation involves mechanically fixing the membrane to a wall and overlaying it with a framing system such as battens, allowing plasterboard to be applied and leaving the area ready for finishing. The strong waterproof plugs and plug seals are used to secure the membrane ensure that water ingress becomes impossible, extending the service life of the building and avoiding the structural and financial risks posed by damp.

Twistfix, a leading member of the Basement Waterproofing Association, supply a comprehensive range of waterproofing membranes designed to suit projects on any scale, along with all required accessories. Our skilled and experienced technical team are always available to offer personal advice on selecting the best waterproofing membrane for your particular project.

Please enjoy browsing our competitively-priced selection of high-quality basement waterproofing membrane and do not hesitate to contact us for further advice and information. You can call us directly or contact us by email

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