The Best Method for Fixing Insulated Plasterboard

Now that autumn is ending and will, all too soon, give way to winter, many people are thinking about how their energy usage will increase.  As the cost-of-living crisis deepens and energy prices continue to rise, such considerations loom more prominent than ever. 

One of the easiest, most effective methods to help reduce the amount of money spent on heating costs is to insulate a property.  In addition to providing these crucial cost savings, reducing the energy needed to heat a property also delivers environmental benefits by lowering emissions. 

One of the ways to insulate a property is to add internal wall insulation (IWI).  Proper installation of plasterboard insulation sheets involves using mechanical fixings to securely attach insulation boards to masonry walls to ensure optimal longevity and performance.  The most reliable way to create this secure hold is using fire-resistant Insofast-18A insulation fixings, which are available to purchase from Twistfix at the most competitive price.

Insofast-18A fixings for plasterboard insulation are high-tensile steel fixings having a zinc coating.  Each mechanical anchor features a concave head atop a self-tapping helical shank that enables it to drive into 4.5 to 5mm pilot holes to hold thermal laminate drywall sheets to brickwork or dense concrete blocks.  No pilot hole is necessary when installing the helical nails into lightweight blocks, common brands of which include Thermalite, Celcon and Durox. 

Each mechanical anchor installs as a hammer screw.  Upon hammering, the helix shape of the shank forces the fastener to self-rotate as it corkscrews into masonry walls.   The dish-shaped head compresses the gyprock layer, holding the board in place without tearing or damaging the delicate paper surface.  The concave dish readily accepts and retains a plaster-filling material. 

In addition to being a fire-resistant mechanical anchor for plasterboard laminates, one of the key benefits of using Insofast-18A is the labour saving it offers when using a drill equipped with an SDS adapter to do the hammering.  The SDS drilling machine should have its rotary action disengaged and set to function at a low speed; each fixing can be thus quickly impact-driven to fasten the insulated plasterboard to a wall. 

Insofast-18A insulation fixings are exceptionally versatile and can be used to compliment dot-and-dab adhesive or in place of it.  They are ideal for fixing drywall sheets with a polystyrene insulating layer, such as those manufactured by the Knauf brand, or to secure fireproof drywall mineral wool insulation like Rockwool's thermal Rockliner. 

You can purchase Insofast-18A fixings from Twistfix in a comprehensive selection of sizes and look forward to a warm winter.  The products are available in convenient bags of 20 or, for the ultimate cost-effectiveness, in bulk packs of 400.  Please visit the product page for further details.

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