The Twistfix Forum - A Base of Ideas and Information

If you're looking a place to share your knowledge, ideas and information about the construction and renovation industry with like-minded people, including such diverse sectors as basement waterproofing, damp proofing, masonry repair/­reinforcement and insulation, then check out the new and improved Twistfix forum today for a rewarding, informative experience.

The idea of the internet forum evolved from the primitive 'bulletin boards' that were sometimes used on dialup systems in the latter years of the 1970s. Web-based forums began to emerge in 1994 and now number in the millions, forming vibrant and thriving virtual communities online. The Twistfix forum is designed to be a welcoming, inclusive space that provides a platform for our customers to interact, sharing their experiences, tips and advice.

Our forum is a friendly, open and informal space in which users can discuss anything regarding building renovation and property preservation. An ever-growing pool of information and knowledge relating to subjects such as damp problems, roofing projects, the use of wall tie systems, preventing structural movement and much more, the Twistfix forum brings together the vast experience of its many members.

Some of the major topics that have been talked about on the forum include condensation control and basement conversions. As more and more people look to basement or cellar conversion to increase their living space without breaking the bank, these two issues become ever more important and open discussion and debate regarding them is essential.

Joining the Twistfix forum can be completed in just a few quick and simple steps: click 'Forum' on our homepage and then click 'Register' to check out the terms of use before entering your unique details. Next, we will immediately send you a confirmation email and welcome you to the forum, where you can start interacting straight away.

We look forward to welcoming new members to the Twistfix forum - don't delay, join today!

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