The Ultimate Masonry Crack Repair Kit

Though masonry is prized as a building material for its strength and durability, it is not without its vulne­rabi­lities. Here at Twistfix, we are expert suppliers of a comprehensive array of professional products designed to facilitate masonry reinforcement and repair projects. As our customers have come to expect, Twistfix supplies these products at the most competitive price and with a full guarantee of their quality and efficacy. 

Perhaps the most common defect when it comes to masonry structures is that of cracking, which occurs when the structure is subject to some kind of irregular movement. The causes of such movement are many and can include age-related deterioration, chemical reactions, vibration and subsidence. Changes in moisture content and/or temperature, in either the masonry or its supporting ground, can also lead to cracking. 

These issues can be ongoing, cyclic or historic. Whatever the cause, it should first be identified and remedied before attempting to repair the cracks. For this latter operation, we highly recommend using the bestselling Crack Stitch Repair Kits from Twistfix, which contain all of the components required to achieve reliable and lasting results. 

Our standard-setting Brick Stitching Kit is ideal for repairing symptomatic cracks in walls made from all types of masonry including stone, block and brick. At the heart of the kit are ten  6 mm helical bars which are made from stainless steel of Grade 304. Alternatively, we offer a kit with heavy-duty 8 mm bars which are Incredibly strong, durable and resistant to corrosion; these premium bars boast 25% more mass than traditional 8 mm helibar products.

To use the bars, slots are first made into mortar bed joints. The bars are then bonded securely into these slots using specialist grout, stitching across masonry cracks. By redistributing tensile forces along the full length of each bar, the bars provide a permanent retrofit crack repair solution that results in a strong, more stable structure. 

The Masonry Crack Repair Kit also contains a tub of high-performance WHO 60 masonry repair grout, which comprises a cement/­polymeric resin powder and a liquid component. These are mixed together to form a full three litres of smooth and cohesive thixotropic formula. WHO 6 masonry repair grout is also available to purchase in 7kg tubs or, to enhance cost-effectiveness for larger jobs, in trade packs of 48 such tubs. 

Completing our bestselling Masonry Crack Repair Kit are all of the accessories required for installation. These include a brick jointer/finger trowel, a helix mixer paddle and a Grout-Master applicator with Hi-Flo nozzle.

Browse our website for more information about the Twistfix Masonry Crack Repair Kit, where you will also find details of our complete range of masonry repair products. 

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