There's no Time for Fiddling on the Roof...!

roofing products available from Twistfix

The sunshine is back! If your roof let you down last winter and you’re planning on taking advantage of the warm, dry weather, then make sure you get it right with the massive selection of roofing products available from Twistfix today. The range includes:

Easy-Lead Roof Flashings

As a roofing material, the advantages of lead are somewhat outweighed by its disadvantages. Though effective, it is heavy, difficult to work with, poisonous in large amounts and also expensive, making it a target for scrap-metal thieves. Easy-Lead is designed as the perfect substitute; light and easily worked, the waterproof flashing has a coated-aluminium base and a choice of either a smooth or corrugated surface to make installation quick, simple and highly-efficient. With zero scrap value, the metal has no attraction to thieves.

Easy-Lead roof flashings are ideal for pitched and flat roofs, chimneys, conservatories and anywhere else where abutting junctions need to be waterproofed. Formed from sheet aluminium with a powder coated face, the smooth flashing perfectly mimics the appearance of traditional lead. The anti-corrosive coating enhances the durability of the flashing, which has a butyl adhesive reverse-side and full BBA approval.

Breather Membranes

Designed to deliver consistently-optimal performance, the Easy-Trim Pro-Felt Vapour Membrane offers a high level of vapour permeability while strongly withstanding against nail-tear damage and water ingress. Suited to underlying slate and tile roofs of both cold and warm construction, Easy-Trim Pro-Felt is of medium weight and has a high tensile strength, thanks to its thermally-bonded and layered composition. Highly versatile, the material can also be used as an effective barrier against wind in vertical-wall constructions.

Grafter is a lightweight membrane and can be used as either an unsupported or supported hybrid underlay. Formed from two layers of breathable polypropylene membrane bonded tightly around a core of spun-bound micro-porous film, this material can be safely installed without requiring standard ventilation in roofs that have an airtight construction that will remain convection-free throughout the structure's life.

With a backing layer of fleece, the Ultimo HS Breather Membrane has the ability to absorb an astonishing amount of water vapour when humidity is high, before releasing it in a carefully-measured way as humidity decreases, dramatically reducing condensation and the many problems it causes. The Ultimo HS boasts outstanding resistance to punctures and its heavyweight construction gives it more than double the strength of other breather membranes on the market.

The Roof-Shield Paint System

This waterproofing system is guaranteed to provide consistently professional results on flat roofs. The product is provided as two separate components: firstly, ready-to-use primer is directly painted onto almost any substrate before, upon completion of drying, a top coat is applied. The primer helps the surface to bind, improving its adhesion qualities ready for application of the top coat which, applied cold, offers an instant waterproofing quality after just a single coat. When fully dry, the Roof-Shield Paint System is guaranteed to offer up to 10 years of exceptional performance.

Please enjoy browsing the latest additions to our range of roofing materials, tools and accessories. For further information on any of the products, call our team for the best advice!

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