Thermal Efficiency and the Super 7

Maximising the thermal efficiency of a building is essential and installing warm roofing is a great way to achieve it. Roofing work is high on the list of priorities at the moment so make sure you have everything you need to meet demand including Thor Helical Super-7 Warm Roof Batten Fixings. If you haven’t heard of them before, then here is our essential point-to-point guide…

Warm roof batten fixings super 7

Thermal Efficiency and the Super 7

Complete your kit by ordering Thor Helical Super-7 Warm Roof Nails. As with all Twistfix products, you are guaranteed the most competitive price teamed with our impeccable customer service. 

  •  Expert engineering has led to Super-7 fixings taking over from traditional inskew fixings
  • With a cross-section 20% larger than traditional fixings, Super-7s have a dramatically increased ability to resist bending forces; these have increased due to the popularity of thicker insulation material.
  • The original Helifix inskew was created more than 30 years ago and Super-7 fixings were invented by the same designer
  • Installing the fixings requires the use of an installation alignment jig. This patented technology makes sure that nailing is easy, safe, accurate and effective, without regard to the thickness of the insulation material
  • The components work seamlessly with all types of insulation material
  • Security and strength is guaranteed as the fixings are held deep within both the counter-batten and rafter
  • Thor Helical fixings ensure a tight seal between panels; this is essential to ensure that the benefits of the insulation are felt, both environmentally and financially
  • The increased performance means that less fixings can be used to achieve a professional result, saving precious time and money
  • Safety is guaranteed; the fixings meet all NHBC technical requirements and adhere closely to BS and Eurocode standards
  • Over-rafter warm roof fixing systems need to withstand wind loads, a function of location and exposure, and resist sliding loads, a function of tile weight, roof pitch and the gap between rafter and counter-batten.  Use our BRE approved calculator to find out how many Super-7 warm roof nails are needed for your project.

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