ThermalDry: designed to Combat Condensation

Condensation is one of the leading causes of damp. Condensed water can seep into masonry walls, causing all sorts of damage and providing the perfect environment for mould growth which is at best unsightly and can be damaging to health. One of the best ways to prevent the problem is with the use of ThermalDry, an anti-condensation coating available at the most competitive price from Twistfix.

ThermalDry Anti-Condensation Coating is a specialised product comprising an acrylic, water-based emulsion paint. This paint incorporates small, hollow glass beads which act in much the same way as a Thermos flask, blocking thermal energy via a process of reflection.

As the thermal energy is reflected away from the walls, they are protected from the condensation that can cause so many issues. Condensation forms most easily on surfaces with a low temperature and ThermalDry addresses the problem by reducing the dew point (the temperature at which condensation occurs) via increased wall temperature.

ThermalDry is a dual-coat system; the first coat is applied horizontally and, after a drying period of between two and four hours, a second coat is applied vertically. The product can be used successfully at temperatures between five and thirty degrees centigrade.

It is essential to gently stir the paint before application, dispersing the micro-beads evenly throughout the formula. As the micro-beads are made from glass, they are fragile and so the use of mechanical stirring devices should be avoided.

ThermalDry can be successfully applied over the top of any existing paint or plaster and is ideal for use in bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms. You can apply the formula directly to brick and concrete and so it is also perfect for application on external facing walls. ThermalDry is available in 2.5 or 5-litre containers and coverage extends up to five square metres per litre per coat.

When fully dry, the coating is totally waterproof and feels warm to the touch. It will prevent any mould formation, reduce the risk of condensation and ensure cost-savings in the form of reduced fuel usage, which also improves the green credentials of your property.

ThermalDry is just one of the many solutions Twistfix offer to address the problems caused by condensation and damp. Browse our range today and get in touch with our expert team for technical advice and support.

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