Thermalite Fixings: Safe, Convenient, Cost-Effective

Twistfix supply a range of Thermalite fixings, which are proven to be the fastest, simplest and most cost-effective fasteners designed for fixing in lightweight thermal blocks. As with the entire Twistfix product portfolio, these items are guaranteed to be of the highest professional quality and sold at the most competitive market price.

Airtwist Thermalite fixings are twisted fasteners that reliably fix wood to thermal blockwork at remarkable speed.  They feature large, strong work-hardened spiral blades, each with sufficient helical angle to force the fixing to rotate as it is being hammer-driven directly into nailable building materials using a special setting tool attached to an SDS hammer drill. The edges of these blades are designed to precisely cut a helical path into wood and autoclaved aerated blocks including Celcon and Durox as well as Thermalite.

As the helical path is cut by the fixing cork-screwing into the building material.  The peaks and troughs of the helix are designed to interact with both the timber and the aircrete, which creates a continuous, consistent and reliable physical interlock anchorage: this is guaranteed to be free from point loadings and expansive stress.

The range of Thermalite helical fasteners includes Twist Nails, Thin Joint Wall Ties and Plasterboard Fixings, each of which boast a unique combination of unmatched flexibility and superior axial strength. Together, these qualities help to deliver a mechanical interlock connection that continues to perform optimally during normal building movements caused by vibration and variations in temperature.  Having no plastic or nylon components the anchorage also remains secure in the event of fire.

Find out more about Twistfix Thermalite fixings on the Twistfix website.

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