Top Questions of the Week - Week 1

Dealing with various customers on a day to day basis it becomes apparent that the same questions are asked continuously. Twistfix have brought to you our top questions of the week containing information about Damp proofing, prevention of penetrating damp and questions about our full range of products.


What is the coverage of Roof Sealer Acrylic Paint Acrylic?

  • Allow at least  1kg per square metre.


Do you have an effective damp proofing solution for in-situ concrete floors?

What is the coverage of a 5kg Tin?

  • Coverage is 6-8 metres square per kg.

I want to seal an old concrete floor to stop damp coming from below it, do you have a product for this purpose?

  • Yes we have a product named Epoxy Floor Seal Paint which would be highly suited to this particular job.


I have damp appearing on my internal walls; it is not rising damp but appears to coming through my external brickwork, do you have a product to help prevent this?


Does the DPC cream work on a solid stone wall?

  • Yes as long as the mortar bed joint is continuous along and through the wall - Not rubble fill

Are all the items I need in the DPC kit to carry out the work?

  • Yes but you will need to provide your own SDS drill with a depth gauge.

If I need more cream than what is in a kit will I is able to order more cream separately?

  • Yes, Twistfix sell the Damp Proof Cream seperately.

Will the 380 DPC cartridges fit in a standard skeleton gun?

  • Yes they will fit in a standard skeleton gun.


How many anodes can I use off one power unit?

  • 100 anodes are permissible off one power unit.


Could you please inform me if the technoseal damp proof paint can be emulsioned once dry?

  • It can be coated within five days of applying (whilst technoseal still technically has a tacky adherent quality), however brush marks may show through the emulsion.

What is the coverage rate of damp proof paint?

  • Damp proof paint should be applied at a thickness of 0.6mm to provide a vapour barrier. This should be applied in two coats. A 1mm thick layer corresponds to 1ltr = 1m2.

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