Top Questions of the Week - Week 3

Dealing with various customers on a day to day basis it becomes apparent that the same questions are asked continuously. Twistfix have brought to you our top questions of the week containing information about Damp proofing, prevention of penetrating damp and questions about our full range of products.


Do you have a product for fixing Kingspan insulation to a Thermalite Block wall.

  • Yes, we have the Insofast-60 insulation fixing. There is no pilot hole required, simply drive the tie home with the SDS setting tool.

What size of fixing will I need for 100mm insulation?

  • For 75-100mm insulation you will need the Insofast-60 140mm long, for 105-130mm insulation you will need the Insofast – 60 170mm long.


What size pilot hole should I drill for the Wall starter screw tie?

  • The size of pilot hole needed for the Wall starter screw tie is 8mm.


What is the coverage of the Renovating Plaster?

  • The coverage of the renovating plaster is 3-4m2 per 25kg bag at 10mm thick.

Can I use the Renovating Plaster directly onto my brickwork?

  • Yes, the renovating plaster is designed to have similar properties as a 1:1:6 sand, lime and cement plastering mortar.

Can I put a finishing plaster on top of the Renovating Plaster?

  • Yes the finishing plaster should be 2-3mm thick.


What lengths are your lateral restraint ties available in?

  • Lateral restraint ties are available I 1, 1.2 and 1.5 m lengths.

What is the diameter of the lateral restraint tie?

  • The lateral restraint tie is 8mm in diameter.

What diameter of hole do I drill in my wall?

  • You should use a 14mm drill bit through the wall.

What tools will I need to fit the ties?

  • You will need a drill, a 14mm drill bit and a lateral restraint setting key.

What type of resin will I need to fix the tie to the brickwork?

  • You will need polyester resin or epoxy resin and a resin applicator gun.
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