Twistfix Bestsellers: How to Defeat Damp!

Damp is an extremely common issue in all sorts of different properties and can be caused by many factors. Combating damp issues is a Twistfix speciality and we supply a vast range of products designed to prevent and remediate the numerous problems that damp can cause within a property. Many of these products are constantly on our list of bestsellers, a testament to their unmatched quality and effectiveness. 

In this edition of the Twistfix blog, we showcase some of our bestselling damp solutions.

DIY Damp Proofing Kit
There is plenty of truth in the old saying 'prevention is better than cure'. Our ever-popular damp proofing kit contains everything required to create a reliable, effective damp proof course (DPC) that will protect vulnerable walls from the damaging problem of rising damp.  

Included with each kit is eight cartridges of DPC cream, which is sufficient to treat up to 30m of single-leaf wall or 15m of cavity wall. The specialist cream has been formulated without the use of thickening agents, instead being manufactured using a process of emulsification to create a chemical DPC that is 100% effective. Upon injection, the pure DPC cream is designed to migrate into the pores of damp walls quickly and completely, stopping rising damp in its tracks. 

The kit also includes all of the required accessories for installation: carbide drill bits, an extension tube, a caulking gun and a pair of strong protective gloves. The product has attracted numerous five-star reviews but we think that the review from our customer Julie Hughes sums it up: "After worrying about damp this was recommended. Its easy, it works and has taken all the stress out of damp. Thanks very much!"

Mould Remover Kit
Damp surfaces are the ideal environment for the growth of black mould. As well as damaging both the structure and appearance of the surfaces it affects, black mould is also extremely toxic and its spores can have an array of negative effects on human health. 

If mould comes into contact with the skin, it can cause painful and itchy rashes as well as exacerbating existing skin conditions like eczema. Inhaling the spores can lead to infections in the respiratory system and severe allergic reactions and can also cause asthma attacks. Black mould also has negative affects on the immune system and so is especially dangerous to babies, children and older people.

The mould remover kit from Twistfix has been designed by industry professionals and provides a safe, simple way to eradicate black mould infestations caused by damp, especially condensation. Each kit includes a one-litre container of ready-to-use mould removal formula which is sprayed directly onto affected surfaces. The kit also includes fungicidal additive which, when mixed with paint and applied, prevents any recurrence of the problem. An applicator sponge and protective gloves and goggles are provided with each purchase. 

Discover the full Twistfix collection of damp solutions, which currently numbers over 60 items, on our website.

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