Twistfix Bestsellers: The Cavity Wall Tie Kit

Wall ties are a crucial feature of houses built with cavity walls; they securely anchor the brick facade of a building to its inner structural wall.  As part of the comprehensive Twistfix range of professional masonry repair products, we supply remedial wall ties in a selection of lengths to suit a variety of cavity widths.

Cavity wall tie replacement is essential when the original built-in wall tie system is defective. The deficiency may be because the walls have an insufficient number of brick-ties, or have ties that are too short for the width of the cavity. More common in older houses, are instances where the original steel cavity ties become rusty. As the rust progresses, it eventually causes the steel to fail, resulting in instability of the facade wall and structural damage to it.

Twistfix remedial wall ties offer a fast, easy to use and cost-effective method of replacing the built-in tying systems.  Our retrofit wall-ties are the professionals' choice when it comes to retying cavity walls.  Once installed, the tie uses an interlocking helical undercut to deliver structural integrity, without exerting any expansive stress on the masonry. Our stainless steel wall ties are durable, versatile, and reliable.  The tying system is thoroughly tested and is CE Mark Approved in respect of BS EN845-1.  It is suitable for resisting compression and tension loads in all types of masonry including, brick, block stone and concrete.

To further improve cost-effectiveness, Twistfix supply remedial cavity wall ties as part of a comprehensive kit.  In addition to 150 cavity-ties (sufficient for 60 square metres of brickwork), the kit also contains two SDS tungsten carbide drill bits and the necessary setting tool. Kits of different quantities are also available.

Find out all the technical details of our bestselling cavity wall tie kit on the Twistfix website and do not hesitate to contact our expert team for further information and advice.

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