Twistfix Brick Stitching Kit: British Made

Now that the Brexit transition period has ended, buying British goods will make a positive contribution to the UK economy and to UK jobs.  Twistfix is and has always been a proud supplier of products made in the UK and, now that Brexit is complete, we will continue to deliver a 'British made for the Building Trade' policy.

Brick Stitching Kit Made in Britain

A significant proportion of the products that make up our portfolio are made in the UK and this is the first in a series of articles focusing on these products in more detail. Here we look at one of our consistently-bestselling UK-manufactured products: Twistfix Brick Stitching Kit.

Brick, block and masonry walls can become cracked for a number of reasons and repairing these cracks quickly is crucial to ensure that structural integrity is maintained. Our bestselling crack stitching kit contains everything required to repair and strengthen cracked masonry.

The kit includes 10 high-tensile crack stitching bars, which are bonded into pre-made slots in the cracked masonry wall. When correctly installed, the stainless steel reinforcement bars redistribute tensile forces along their complete length, resulting in a strengthened and stabilised wall.

Along with the 6mm helical bars, our crack stitching kit includes WHO-60 specialist masonry repair grout, which is used to ensure that the bars are locked tightly into place. Several ancillary products are required for professional installation, such as a helix mixer paddle, finger trowel/brick jointer and grout-master applicator with hi-flo nozzle: all of these items are included with each crack stitching kit.

You can currently save more than £57 plus vat on the standard price of the Twistfix Brick Stitching Kit. Even more savings can be made when you buy our wholesale pack, which comprises six crack stitching kits.

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