Twistfix Concrete Sealer Micro

The formulation of Twistfix Concrete Sealer Micro enables it to react with cement which is hydrated; it does this at the surface and up to a depth of 15mm making it highly penetrative. The silicone seal treatment forms durable monolithic structures during the reaction in order to improve the surface wear characteristics of the concrete.

When the resin has cured it generates a water repellent property within the concrete and thus enhances the resistance to surface water absorption and lime efflorescence. Twistfix concrete sealer micro sealer is extremely easy to use, water based and odourless reducing penetration of oil and water and ultimately extending the overall life span of a floor whilst reducing the dusting of old and new concrete.

Often used in basement waterproofing, the concrete sealer prevents build up of lime efflorescence which might otherwise block air gaps in cavity drain membranes, thus keeping drainage channels clear.

Coverage will depend on porosity of the concrete but one should allow 4-6 m2/litre per application. Not suitable for power-floated floors.

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