Twistfix Extend Flat Roof Fixings Range

There has been recently a number of changes in regards to how we insulate our homes; items such as increasing thickness of insulation and deeper insulation boards has meant there is a need for longer fixings.  Accordingly the popular stainless-steel warm roof insulation fixings for fastening plywood insulation boards to flat deck rafters are now supplied in longer lengths.

The warm roof deck insulation fixings are now available in 245mm length suitable for insulation boards 190-210mm in depth. These in simple terms are superior flat roof nails that at 600 x 400mm centres requires only 6.9 fixings /m2 /board, allowing cost savings on both labour and materials.

Insofast18 warm roof fixings have an 18mm button head and the Thor helical shank that corkscrews into the roofing timbers. The stainless steel Insofast fixing offers an 80% reduction in cold bridging when compared to zinc plated Suretwist fixings, due to a cross sectional area of just 9mm2 and due to stainless steel being almost 4 times less conductive than carbon steel. Stainless steel warm flat roof fixings should always be used where there is potential for corrosion.

Insofast 18 fixings are supplied in packs of 20 and boxes of 400 in the following sizes:

  • 145mm fixing for 85-110mm insulation boards
  • 170mm fixing for 115-135mm insulation boards
  • 195mm fixing for 140-160mm insulation boards
  • 220mm fixing for 165-185mm insulation boards
  • 245mm fixing for 190-210mm insulation boards

Stainless Steel Flat Roof Insulation Fixings feature: 

  • Robust helical design with slender CSA of just 9mm2
  • 80% less cold bridging than zinc plated Suretwist
  • Labour saving potential by virtue of fewer fixings
  • Driven by hand or by SDS adaptor
  • Easy, quick & reliable
  • Corrosion resistant

Twistfix are the specialist suppliers of insulation fixings as well as a whole range of products ideal for the construction and refurbishment industry.

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