Twistfix Insulation Fixings: Insulate with Confidence

With winter on the way and temperatures dropping rapidly all across the UK, it's an ideal time to be thinking about insulation. Whether you're a professional contractor or confident DIYer, Twistfix can supply you with a comprehensive range of insulation fixings that will allow you to achieve perfect results every time.

This edition of the Twistfix blog focuses on Insofast-18 Warm Roof Fixings which are, for reasons that will become obvious, a consistent bestseller among our diverse range of customers.

A significant proportion of heat loss from a property occurs through the roof. The proper insulation of roofs delivers numerous benefits, from the maintenance of a comfortable indoor temperature to providing considerable cost savings and reduced environmental impacts due to a reduction in the amount of energy used to heat the property. Flat roofs especially benefit from insulation and Insofast-18 Warm Roof Fixings are the component of choice for securely attaching plywood-faced composite insulation boards within these roof structures.

Comprising a one-piece helical anchor that incorporates a shallow dome head with no sharp edges, Insofast-18 Warm Roof Fixings can be installed rapidly and easily. With work-hardened cutting blades and self-tapping action, the fixings guarantee a tough, durable anchor for insulation boards. The fixings can be successfully used with all kinds of composite insulation boards, including those from top brands like Kingspan, Celotex, Xtratherm and Reticel.

Insofast-18 Warm Roof Fixings are equipped with spiral shafts which, when compared to equivalent solid shafts, have a dramatically-reduced cross-sectional area. This minimises any disturbance to the insulation material, improves fire resistance, enhances thermal efficiency, reduces cold-bridging potential and avoids any damage to joists and rafters.

As easy to use as ordinary nails, Insofast-18 Warm Roof Fixings require no pre-drilling before work commences. Far fewer fixings have to be used in comparison, further enhancing cost-effectiveness and reducing labour time. A standard hammer is all that is required for installation but a specialised SDS tool (also available from Twistfix) can be purchased separately and will further improve efficiency.cDiscover our complete collection of insulation fixings on the Twistfix website.

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