Twistfix Launch Grounds Maintenance

Twistfix has added a new category its extensive product range in the form of a grounds maintenance section. This means that you can now purchase your professional grounds maintenance and repair products at trade prices.

Suitable for external use only, you will find many of the products within this new range extremely useful for the upkeep of patios, paving and driveway surfaces. It is summer time and this is when the majority of us carry out external maimtenance in our home and garden in preparation for the autumn and winter seasons. It is also the time when councils look to do external preventative maintenance on housing, schools and public grounds.  Housebuilders too are busy undertaking external work on construction sites with internal work being stored for those winter months!

Within this range Twistfix are now supplying a selection of building chemicals.  You can expect to find an array of products to preserve, protect and enhance patios, fences, driveways and gardens. What is more is that these building chemicals are available at low cost trade prices for use in gardens, drives and pathways.

Japanese Knotweed is a common problem and our grounds and maintenance section you will find all the products you require to effectively rid yourself of it as well as moss removal treatments, patio sealers and paving repair products.

Our paving repair products can be used to help your patio be renovated, sealed and restored so that when sunshine makes an appearance and you have your family and friends around for a BBQ you don’t have to be embarrassed about an unsightly patio.

Many people often think that grounds maintenance isn’t as important as other maintenance work however this is not the case. As with everything else prevention is often better than cure and works out a lot cheaper than leaving something to effectively go wrong. Protected drives, patios and fences will last longer than those which haven’t been protected and will require early replacement.  The new range compliments other external use products that you can buy from the Roof and Gutter Maintenance section

As with all of our ranges we are always looking for ways to improve them and so keep your eye on our grounds maintenance section for any new products that we may add.

For more information then please contact us on 0845 123 6007 or email

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