Twistfix Launch Insofast Plasterboard Fastener

Twistfix launch an innovative 18A Plasterboard fastener from our INSOFAST fixing range. These offer to our customers a more secure and easier fastening through their patented corkscrew design.

INSOFAST are approved by leading insulation manufacturers and their products have a wide range of applications. The 18A Plasterboard fastener has a dish-profiled head for mechanically securing insulated plasterboard panels to walls.

These 18a Plasterboard fastenings prevent any accidents to a person caused by falling plasterboard when entering or escaping a blazing building when the plasterboard has been secured by the standard dot and dab method. The fire-proof metal fastener features a self-tapping helical shank with work hardened blades able to cut into a wide range of masonry  when hammered with a rubber malet or an adapter powered by a lightweight SDS hammer drill.

Suitable for use with all types of insulated drywall boards, you can either combine this method of fixing with the dot and dab adhesive or you can use it in place of it so that the boards remain stable in the event of a fire.

Through the use of 18A Plasterboard fastenings from INSOFAST cold bridging is minimised because the fastening actually has a thermally efficient spiral shaft that has a cross sectional area of just 25% when compared to a solid shaft of equal diameter. Furthermore to this the fastening indents into the gyproc layer without any tearing due to its countersunk head. You can drive the anchor directly into aircrete, Celcon, Thermalite, softwood timber and others using a 5mm pilot hole when driving it into brick, concrete, block and any hardwood material.

Darren Homer of Twistfix is delighted to have been given a distributorship for INSOFAST, their new range of helical insulation anchors. We are extremely delighted to have been given this opportunity and this has shown our commitment to supplying our customers with the specialist fixings specific to the industry, take a look at our full range of insulation fixings.

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