Ultra Crete: For Permanent, Professional Pothole Repair

The beautiful weather over the Easter holidays had thousands of us jumping into the car to enjoy a well-deserved day out. That meant that many of us discovered just how far-reaching the extent of potholes really is! Now that spring is here and summer is just around the corner, it's time to take back our roads, paths and driveways: the ideal solution is available right here at Twistfix...

We are proud suppliers of the Ultra Crete Asphalt Repair Kit to both the domestic and industrial sectors. Whether you're a private contractor, local council or competent DIYer, this versatile cold-lay asphalt is designed to deliver professional results when it comes to the delicate job of pothole repair.

Potholes begin as tiny hairline fractures, caused by vibration and surface fatigue. Gradually, the edges of these cracks work loose, becoming worse and worse over time. During the winter, the freeze-thaw cycle widens the crack even further, dragging the surface material apart and creating potholes.

On driving surfaces, potholes are a serious impediment to safe driving. Loose material from potholes can damage cars and, as the material is dislodged, the pothole becomes even wider. When it comes to walking surfaces such as paths, pavements and patios, potholes are are danger to pedestrians, particularly the elderly and people with impaired mobility.

The Ultra Crete Asphalt Repair Kit centres on 3 x 25kg resealable, recyclable tube of quality cold lay asphalt. Also included in the kit is a 750ml spray can of Bitumen Cold Joint Sealer, which helps to prevent further water ingress. The formula can be used effectively whatever the weather and on a wide variety of surfaces, from roads and paths to driveways, car parks, patios and sports courts.

Find out more on the product page. Need further advice? Get in touch with our experienced technical team.

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