Ultracure DPC Cream

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Ultracure dpc cream in a handy DIY tube. Treat walls with damp proofing cream applied along the base of the wall to form a continuous damp course layer.

Inject damp cream directly into 12mm holes pre-drilled in a mortar bed at regular intervals, preferably at perp end joints, for an effective DIY damp course treatment. Ultracure is formulated without thickening agents, using an emulsi­fica­tion process to produce a 100% active damp proof cream for DIY and Trade.

This pure DPC injection cream migrates fully and rapidly into pores in damp walls to form a chemical damp proof course to stop rising damp. Tested and approved by British Board of Agrement Certificate No 02/3961,which details a wall plaster specification that completes the damp proof system

Ultracure dpc cream is packed in a 380ml DIY cartridge
Consumption rate - 115mm wall* 3.8m / tube of  DPC cream
Consumption rate - 230mm wall* 1.9m / tube of damp proofing cream
*­Appro­xima­tion only - allows 5-10% wastage

To install Ultracure 380 DPC cream you will need a 12mm SDS Drill bit, a heavy duty caulking gun and protective gloves - FREE one extended injection nozzle is included with each ord

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