Wall Starters – All your Questions Answered

Wall ties, starter ties, wall starters. It seems there is a bit of confusion when it comes to these… whatever you call them – and with all these names, it isn’t too difficult to see why.

They all do the same sort of job, which is providing a place to begin erecting an extension to an existing structure safely and strongly, but there are differences as to which you use on what type of structure. Our helpful Q & A should sort everything out for you and have you tying masonry skins like a pro in no time. What, you didn’t know your house had a skin?

What exactly IS a wall starter tie?!

A wall starter is a component which connects a new extension wall to its parent masonry building. The wall starter is known as a tie because it ‘ties’ or joins wingle skins of masonry together - this ‘tying’ can also be achieved with the use of starter , which allows you to simultaneously join both leaves of new cavity walls to existing masonry structures. All clear?

What types are available?

With the standard ties used to join single skins of masonry, we trust and recommend Tiger-Ties and Bluebird wall ties

I want the whole package!

Then go for the Universal Wall Starter Kit, an impressive selection of products at an equally impressive price from Twistfix. Perfect for all your needs from a conservatory to a greenhouse or full extension, the kit is comprehensive - to find out what’s inside, just visit the product page where there are HD photos and all the tech specs.

What’s the Catch?

The catch is that if you don’t order soon you may simply have to pay a low price for your wall starters, instead of the RIDICULOUSLY low price they are now available at! We are talking big discounts and if you’re a trade customer then those discounts will look even more attractive for bulk purchases…

If you still aren’t sure which wall starters would be right for your project then why not pick the brains of our technical team? They love being able to show off their (admittedly impressive) knowledge and you’ll love the clear, concise and competent advice you get – sounds like everyone’s a winner to us! Call today or chat LIVE online...

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