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Easter Updates

I was being reminded constantly by my phone that it needed updating, I was receiving something stupid like 20+ no­tifi­cati­ons a day. I am never confident about updating my phone to the latest software.  

Previously when I have done to update my phone once the update has completed something has more or less broken, so try to leave updating till the very last minute. Can you imagine if I updated and the Twistfix app didn’t work! I have been using the Twistfix app ever since it started and can vouch for it. It’s a wonderfully easy to use app. Order from wherever and whenever. In fact I am trying to think of the weirdest place I have placed an order on the app. Sure I did it once while I was shopping, I was pushing a trolley round at the time and nearly bumped into somebody.  They wasn’t best pleased. It has made ordering my products from Twistfix that a barely need to use the website. The website itself is wonderful after its recent makeover. When something like this comes along that makes your easier you can’t help but shout about it.

How has everyone enjoyed two, four day weeks? That’s the joys of the Easter Bank Holiday and this time of year in general, bank holidays seem to come thick and fast. Nobody’s complaining. I was pleased while out shopping to see Easter Eggs being taken off the shelves, they had been there since early January which was far too early. I was sick of looking at them.  I do nothing for Easter to be honest and for that reason it may just be my favourite holiday season.

Shamefully the two bank holidays confused me a little. Im muddled up a little with what day it is. Today is Friday isn’t it ? 

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April Fools!

April Fools!

An event that happens every year and I’m not exactly sure why is April Fool’s Day, A time when every decides to make things up to trick and deceive people. 

On one hand it’s a great idea and can actually be quite funny, however as with anything it could go horribly wrong. I never get involved which I guess makes me a little bit grumpy nowadays I don’t have the time and resources to think something up and well simply can’t be bothered. Maybe I am too old to care. This doesn’t stop everybody else though. Newspapers, friends, TV, all try their best to make up the best April Fools, I can spot them a mile off.

With April fool’s Day this year being on a Saturday, I was certain not to have anything done to me. With most people still being in bed up until around midday, which is the cut off for April Fools jokes isn’t it? And nothing was going to happen going into work in a morning. Lads have tried it in the morning while at work before and with disastrous consequences sometimes even ruining the whole flipping job! Most people forget its even April fools day and leave themselves prone to being caught out.

Also with April comes a new month, 4 months into 2017. Some people would say it’s going quick. I wouldn’t when I have got a lot on my plate. I have a massive Basement Water­pro­ofing job to be done last week of this month followed by another one two weeks later. Will make sure I order my products needed from Twistfix soon, for me a contractor I find this one of the busiest times of the year. I think the next few months will hectic. However I will take it in my stride this is what I enjoy doing.

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Apple and Damson Trees

Coming back from work on Tuesday I saw the wife was messing around in the kitchen by the doors to the garden, I went over to see what was happening to find out she had bought 4 trees, two apple and two damson trees after she went out for only one, what made her buy so many?

I was unsure if the garden needed them, let alone if we have the room to fit them in. We only have a small garden ¼ of the room taken up by a shed in the corner and in one corner we have an area that needs.  I guess it is a good time to start work in the garden for summer, we have just had our kitchen done. Maybe this is the next project? It has been two years since we had a Japanese Knotweed problem, I took care of that with the Round Up from Twistfix. Since my garden has been spectacular! (in the summer anyway)

I decided to make tea while the wife moved the trees around to find where best they fit. The garden isn’t particularly my thing and I’m happy to keep out of any decisions made on it and hopefully I won’t be roped in to maintaining the trees. Still after 20 minutes no place had been found for the trees. I had advised to not put them near the shed door as it would knock the tree over when it was swung open. I think it took over and hour for her to make the final decision I haven’t since even looked to see where they are, Most likely blown over.

It’s important to prepare your garden by decluttering and getting rid of any weeds that not only look horrible but some can cause structural damage.

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Rail Strike Misery

Often I do need to rely on public transport to get to places unfor­tuna­tely it never seems to run smoothly.

This weekend I decided to have a weekend off which for me is very rare, I always seem to work over the weekends. It was the wife’s idea to go away to such a place and she also suggested using public transport after a bit of persuasion I agreed to go. Firstly we had to catch a bus from town waiting at the bus station for a bus to come which tool 30 mins! Despite adverts claiming buses were every 7 mins. Having hopped onto a bus and travelled a nice scenic route for more than an hour we had reached were we wanted to be. We decided to come home after 6:00pm and were both appalled to find there was not a bus home after 5:40pm. Train home it was. After a 20min walk to the train station a huge sign had been placed outside warning of industrial strike action on Monday 13th March, that’s today! Most if not all services would be cancelled. That’s a bad blow for regular transport users.

I had bought a newspaper from the shop on the station and I stumbled across a news story that stated that more than one home every minute will need to be refurbished in the UK between now and 2050, they will need to insulate 25 million home as a way of cutting carbon emissions, homes needing to be renovated at a rate of 1.4 homes a minute. That’s a lot! Led me to think ‘is it possible?’

Leaving the train, none of our tickets we had bought for the journey had been checked should I add. I thought to myself. Let’s not do this again.

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Storm ‘what’s her name’

Last week we encountered what is surely the wettest day of 2017

 Storm ‘what’s her name’ came and went, It was the wrong time to be doing an outside job. On Thursday I had to install 300 Wall Ties in a property. I decided to order 2 of the 150 kits from Twistfix. They arrived in good time. Arriving on site in the van I was already soaked from the rain. As I was loading the van the wind thrust the rain into my face, this resulted in soaking me from head to toe. I knew from then this wasn’t going to be a great day. My cousin works with me and had come to help for the day. Pity him. On hearing the news that people had been injured, hurt and somebody even killed by the storm I thought about my own safety.

When I stopped for lunch I opened my sandwich as was horrified to find water had seeped through the foil. These were my only sandwiches!. Finished the job and retreated to the van, by now I was pretty fed up but happy I had completed what needed doing. On the drive home most of the awful weather had vanished there was just a bitter breeze, no rain. That’s typical. This week hasn’t been too bad so far, nothing on last week anyhow. I do note that it is the 1st March both the mornings and nights are longer which is good news if you like lighter mornings and evenings (some prefer the opposite). Clocks go forward at the end of the month, it seems like only yesterday I was talking about them going back.

Keep your raincoats out for now, I’m sure there’s plenty more days of wet weather to come, This is the UK!

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Looking After the Little Ones

I have had a very busy weekend, un­for­tuna­tely that’s not due to work. I have been looking after my younger nephew and niece all weekend. Well kind of. 

They came to stay on Friday unknowingly to me it did seem though that my wife knew about this, as soon as they came into the house on Friday they went straight over to raid the cupboards for biscuits and sweets before I could even say “hello”. I knew my weekend had been pretty much ruined. I would be stuck with them all weekend. They both wanted to play with my tool box that I had left on the living room floor; I quickly had to scurry to pick it up before either could touch it. It was really a bad time for them to come, I was supposed to be fixing up Plasterboard Insulation dotted around the kitchen was various packs of Insofast Fixing purchased from Twistfix at my friends.

I immediately got to gathering them into a box so they couldn’t mix them up or lose them, they couldn’t have picked a worse time. It left me no option but to call my friends and tell them I wouldn’t be there as there was no way the kids would be coming with me even if they think they can ‘help’. So Saturday I spent all day on a kids play park, only managing to get them to come away when it started raining. We’d been there for hours! And by Saturday night I was exhausted. On Sunday I woke up and was determined to get this job finished despite any commitments I had. Trying to sneak away I was collared I owned up and said I wanted to go and finish this job. I was persuaded to take the nephew and niece with me. So I did that.

In the van they went and on the way to the job I dropped them back off at their mothers, they thought they was coming with me. In the end I got the job finished.  

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Choc Horror!

On my weekly shop one thing that is destined to go in the trolley is chocolate

I normally get whichever is on offer, whether that comes in the form of a big or small bar. I came across a story towards the end of last week on how chocolate bars may be made smaller. Yes smaller! In order to make people eat less of them and to reduce the sugar content. I was appalled at this news. Everyday my lunch which I take to work with me consists of at least one chocolate item. Come whatever time I get the chance to have my dinner, normally middayish I am relying on this chocolate bar to give me some energy. This energy is needed to get me through the rest of the afternoon, whatever job I have got on its safe to say it is needed.

It has led me to a dilemma do I decide to live with the change and maybe even change with the times, or do I make up for the smaller bars by taking two. You probably think I’m being greedy but I am not alone in my outrage. While I don’t think mass protests are planned about this (everybody is busy at protests elsewhere). Its rather horrible to see something I like decrease in size. I think I am now favouring taking two bars to work with me even if it means buying two packs. I’ll be angry if the size of bread decreases in the near future!  What sort of lunch would that be? As I don’t have any power whatsoever in the world of chocolate I’ll have to sit back and let them make our chocolate bars smaller.

However I know Lent is coming up. I may just give chocolate up for Lent. 

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124 Hours in A&E

On Monday I had to go to A&E, I suffered an injury Sunday night will doing a small DIY job at my house. What had happened was I sliced quite deep into my thump when sawing a piece of wood.

My wife suggested I go for stitches and to check it wasn’t infected, I obliged to keep her happy however I was doubtful about what whether it needed stitches at all. As my hand did look a mess I thought best to go. I had to cancel my planned jobs on Monday and ask my neighbour to wait in for my expected parcel from Twistfix that was due to arrive between the hours of 11:09 and 12:09 that morning. I was able to track it online using the tracking number I received from them. I was annoyed as I was losing a whole days work, but while the finger isn’t covered up its likely to be a problem while working.

I rarely go to A&E and avoid it whenever I can, last time I went was when I was a kid. Couldn’t even tell you what for, I don’t remember! it was that long ago. When I arrived I was told by the receptionist I had a four and a half hour wait to see someone, this was terrible. It left me pondering on what to do. I had come to the conclusion myself that I didn’t need stitches and wasn’t willing to wait around for a doctor to tell me that. I decided to walk out and nip into town. I had the fantastic idea of cleaning up my hand myself. I bought bandages and everything else needed. In the end the bandage looked okay. As long as I could fool the wife into thinking I’d gone.

I was back at work on the Tuesday, as for the cut. It will leave a scar but nothing I can’t handle

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Dont Drive my Car!

Do you ever use your phone at the wheel? Yesterday I was reading how police had cracked down on the amount of people using their mobile phones at the wheel. 

Around 8,000 fines and penalty notices were handed out in exactly just one month, that’s an increase on previous years! In September the amount of points and the fine doubled. The correct thing for me to say here is not to use your phone ever while driving, yes not even the most important calls. I’m a little confused if using a Bluetooth headset is acceptable or not. Let’s be honest this is massively important. I am not sure of the number of accidents on this one but what I am sure of is this will cause accidents most times these will be serious. I not talking about taking calls over the phone but this can include things like, texting, tweeting or even ordering from Twistfix while at the wheel. Cant that test message reply wait?

Because I do a lot of Wall Tie, Damp Proofing and Basement Water­pro­ofi­ng jobs all over the country I am often travelling up and down, north and south in the van. I find myself constantly observing and commenting on other people’s driving habits. One thing that often irritates me A LOT is when people fail to indicate, not only will this irritate me the driver but also a pedestrian who is trying to cross the road. Now this is being enforced we will easily see a decrease in the amount of people using a handheld mobile while driving. This is good news and will mean we avoid road traffic accidents. How about drink driving? Well we all know how that ends…

Stay safe on the roads. Remember to indicate. We should all be fine.

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Gone in a BANG!

Yesterday in China, in a large scale building demolition 19 big buildings were completely and totally demolished in just 10 seconds.

It took a whole load of explosives to bring them all down. As with any demolition it brought down the whole structure, glass, concrete and steel. This is making way for a new business hub in China which will include a tall 707 metre sky scraper. This happened in the city centre of Wuhan, so they had to be extra careful of the surrounding areas. Something like this can be planned and prepared but the results can be un­pre­dic­tab­le and often un­con­trol­lab­le. It all happened late at night. Approx 11:50pm. Using explosives is the best method to use when destroying building’s like these. It is both time and cost effective not having to take building down part by part, piece by piece this would have took many days. It’s funny to think that something that would of took quite a while to build can be brought down in seconds! When being constructed these would of taken some time to put up. Thankfully there was no damage to anyone or to anywhere nearby.

Watching buildings be demolished is not always to peoples liking, as they may be upset to see a certain building they may have liked or even loved fall to the ground. This could also have been someone’s home and they have to move out to allow demolition of their home. Someone of my favourite places from my hometown are no longer there anymore, however new buildings now stand where they used to be. Sad, but it happens. I do see some buildings that are ruined, wrecked and unoccupied but still standing…how about dismantling and getting rid of them?  they’re all eyesores.

Time for them to now build fresh, new and beautifully designed buildings to stand in their place. The ever-changing scene of our towns

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