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Ask the Experts: Live and Direct!

At Twistfix, we pride ourselves on supplying a wide and diverse range of construction and renovation materials, all of which are designed and manufactured to the most professional standard. But the Twistfix experience isn't just about purchasing the goods and our staff are not simply salespeople: we employ a cherry-picked team of experts who can give you competent advice, support and information about getting the very best from your chosen product. And now, it’s easier to contact them than ever before…

Though it is our business to facilitate the work of DIYers and professional contractors alike, we certainly don’t neglect our own housekeeping ad are always making improvements to our website, ensuring that you get the most efficient and modern browsing experience. An extremely popular new addition to our website is the Live Chat service, which allows you to instantly connect with one of our technical team.

Once you start chatting, the chat screen will remain on top no matter where you browse around the website. This means that you can have the product page open while you discuss it with our experts and navigate freely to make sure you get all of your questions answered. Our team are pretty sure that they can answer just about any question about our products and their uses; maybe YOU can give them a challenge?!

Our website is designed to be fully responsive and adaptive, so that you can enjoy a seamless online experience with Twistfix. If you’re accessing the site via mobile internet, then why not check out the Twistfix app? You’ll get a much quicker, clearer view for ordering on-the-go and there are lots of other features to discover.

The new Live Chat service is ready and waiting for you to try out. Our staff are enjoying connecting more directly with customers and we have had lots of good feedback; we would love to hear yours too so let us know how we did!

We invite you to continue the Twistfix experience NOW by checking out our current range of special offers. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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2 Top Tips

Hello and welcome to July, if now isn’t the time to get working on the DIY job I don’t know when is the best time! 

I recently just bought a new mattress for my bed, I was astonished at how fast it was delivered. It wasn’t as fast as twistfix’s delivery service. I carried it upstairs and put it across the bed. I had brought a memory foam mattress so was aware that I couldn’t sleep on it for at least 24 hours. I knew I was facing a night on the settee. I would of slept in it straight away that night but I had been advised by a good friend not to bother as I need to allow the mattress to expand to its full depth. I’d say I got a decent night’s sleep that night on the settee. I am now back in my bed and my mattress is lovely thanks for asking. Whether I get enough sleep in it is another question. I hardly ever lie in.

I have recently been using a lot of the Insofast fixings from Twistfix. They are fantastic. Especially when you use the SDS Hammer Adaptor to install either the Plasterboard or Roof Fixings. It really did speed things up. I was finished on time and everything. Even had chance to pop to the butty shop for lunch (or dinner whatever you like to call it). If my neighbours took my advice I gave him, he will of bought some also. It is easy to remember how many fixing are needed per full size board (that’s 12!) and only 3 if you are using adhesives.

So from this month my top tips for you are to use the Insofast fixings for Plasterboard aswell as for a Warm Roof Deck. Another top tip is to buy a memory foam mattress, that way we can all get a good nights sleep. 

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My Favourite Songs

Recently a lot of good music has been released. I do like music and spend around 60% of my time listening to music, it is always on when I’m working assuming that I remember to take my radio!

I also regularly attend gig/concerts for bands and artists, some who are well known and others that are not. Listening to music is a massive hobby for me. 

The other day while fitting around 40sqm of the slimline mesh membrane in a home I was happily listening to an album called “This is all yours” by alt-J (go listen its good). The homeowner came and politely asked me to turn it off. Maybe they didn’t like it however I think they thought it would affect my work. I don’t think it does and I beg to differ. I had to oblige. It led me to think of while builders/­contractors are working what is the overall opinion on the use of music. Maybe this is a question for the homeowner? What do you think? Music is great, not everybody shares the same music taste that’s what makes it great. People aren’t willing to listen to new stuff if that’s not what they are into. So now I have made it common practice to ask before I play any sort of music on a job to avoid a repeat of last week.

I get the frustration. I’m in your house and I’m playing my music. It’s not a problem for those that are out all day. In the meantime I’m looking forward to summer and with it comes lots of outside job. Roofs, Damp Proofing, dealing with weeds in the garden. Twistfix as always my number  1 place for Roofing Materials, Damp Proofing Cream and Roundup.

I think it’s the perfect time for my sort of work. 

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Time to Vote again.

Yet again we find ourselves facing another vote, this time a snap general election. Next month we’ll have to go and vote for who we want to run our country.

After last year’s referendum and before that the Scottish referendum, which I’ll admit didn’t affect me.

I speak to quite a lot of people who are really fed up of needing to vote, all the run up and campaigning political parties do etc. Then there’s the problem that people don’t know who to vote for, young and old a big percentage of people are undecided or could easily be swayed. Labour say they want to build more homes, as do the con­ser­vati­ves. Which do we trust? Which do we believe? Unless of course your lifelong supporters of a certain political party and vote for them each time. If that’s the case campaigns are really ‘flogging a dead horse’ when they explain how there method is best for the country. I’m pretty clear on my views which I won’t go into on this blog as I don’t want any of you to think that Im trying to persuade you to vote one way or another. This blog will remain impartial

What I want to do is express the big need to vote. So many people don’t turn up at the polls and your vote is wasted. Register to vote before 22nd May, Vote on June 8th.

In the meantime I have been doing a few Damp Proofing jobs in Wales this past month. I’m literally living there now. I remember a few years ago when I was called regarding a job to rebuild part of a wall on a school. It was December and cold, I went to take a look but it never materialised however I’m back there now and pleased its warmer!­ 

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Why Does it Always Rain on Me?

The weather recently has been more than a little changeable, even by British standards. There has been lots of rain in many parts of the country after several warm and sunny days, and more is on the way; Twistfix surface treatments can help you repair any damage that has already been done and prevent any more from occurring.

Roof sealing paintIt’s a good time to check out any areas where damp could have got a hold, especially in attics are roof spaces. Here’s what you should be looking (and smelling!) out for…

Check the walls, particularly near the junction with the ceiling. If there is any dis­co­lo­ura­tion, touch these areas to see if they are damp to the touch

If a large area is damp then the wall may appear a uniform colour with no dark patches; look out for telltale areas of crumbling plaster

Black mould is often present and this can give out a dank, musty and unpleasant odour

Roof leaks can be stopped in their tracks with our Roof Sealer Paint, which is an acrylic surface coating designed to deliver optimal performance. Applied without primer, the paint seals and waterproofs any perforations or cracks in flat-roof coverings via re­in­for­cement fibres that are dispersed within the formula.

Best of all, you can use this product for emergency repairs as it waterproofs instantly on application, even if it's raining. Proper curing is guarantees as the paint will not wash off in the process.

Walls need equal protection and our Penetrating Damp Treatment is more than up to the job. The versatile formula can be applied with brush, spray or roller to suit your needs and, once applied, creates an air-permeable barrier that allows brick, block and stone walls to breathe. The silane-siloxane barrier that is created prevents any further moisture ingress, however hard the rain is driven against the wall.

Whatever surface it is that needs protecting from the weather, Twistfix have got it covered: literally! Let us help stamp out damp by providing you with surface treatments of the most professional standard.

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Total Weed Control from Twistfix

Perhaps the best definition of a weed is ‘a plant in the wrong place’. Indeed, to an untrained eye, many weeds do not appear to be so at all: Japanese Knotweed was introduced to this country via a Victorian botanical garden, where it was prized for its beauty. Of course, this voracious plant is now recognised as the single most damaging and invasive species in the UK.

However pretty some weeds may look, they are going to cause damage to the soil and to other plants, so it's vital that you either take the time to find out just what’s growing out there or call in a pro­fes­si­onal. In the case of Japanese knotweed, you’re legally obliged to get rid of the stuff; mortgages may be refused on properties with a knotweed problem and if it spreads, you're liable for the damage it causes elsewhere too.

Another one of the major nasties is giant hogweed, and this is really one you need to be careful with. It’s full of sticky sap that causes a reaction in human skin, making it become ultra-sensitive to sunlight. May people have been severely burned as a result of coming into contact with giant hogweed and so it's vital you're able to recognise it.

These are the heavyweights of the weed world but there are literally hundreds of other common offenders such as dandelions, daisies, buttercups, nettles, chickweed and dock leaves. All of these can be real pests when it comes to maintaining a healthy garden but you can step in and give Mother Nature a helping hand with our range of weed control products.

As well as a selection of chemical treatments, we also supply high-quality knapsack sprayers and injection guns, to ensure that the chemicals are properly applied for maximum ef­fec­tive­ness.

*Roundup Provantage 480 and Roundup Probio are  sold for professional use only.  The purchaser must ensure that the indended user holds the appropriated certificate(s) as required by Sections 8 and 9 of The Plant Protection Products (Sustainable Use) Regulations 2012. Users must wear suitable clothing (coveralls), rubber boots and suitable protective gloves (not provided)*

Check out our selection of weed control products and use our Live Chat service if you have any questions.

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Easter Updates

I was being reminded constantly by my phone that it needed updating, I was receiving something stupid like 20+ no­tifi­cati­ons a day. I am never confident about updating my phone to the latest software.  

Previously when I have done to update my phone once the update has completed something has more or less broken, so try to leave updating till the very last minute. Can you imagine if I updated and the Twistfix app didn’t work! I have been using the Twistfix app ever since it started and can vouch for it. It’s a wonderfully easy to use app. Order from wherever and whenever. In fact I am trying to think of the weirdest place I have placed an order on the app. Sure I did it once while I was shopping, I was pushing a trolley round at the time and nearly bumped into somebody.  They wasn’t best pleased. It has made ordering my products from Twistfix that a barely need to use the website. The website itself is wonderful after its recent makeover. When something like this comes along that makes your easier you can’t help but shout about it.

How has everyone enjoyed two, four day weeks? That’s the joys of the Easter Bank Holiday and this time of year in general, bank holidays seem to come thick and fast. Nobody’s complaining. I was pleased while out shopping to see Easter Eggs being taken off the shelves, they had been there since early January which was far too early. I was sick of looking at them.  I do nothing for Easter to be honest and for that reason it may just be my favourite holiday season.

Shamefully the two bank holidays confused me a little. Im muddled up a little with what day it is. Today is Friday isn’t it ? 

Download the Twisfix Mobile App.


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April Fools!

April Fools!

An event that happens every year and I’m not exactly sure why is April Fool’s Day, A time when every decides to make things up to trick and deceive people. 

On one hand it’s a great idea and can actually be quite funny, however as with anything it could go horribly wrong. I never get involved which I guess makes me a little bit grumpy nowadays I don’t have the time and resources to think something up and well simply can’t be bothered. Maybe I am too old to care. This doesn’t stop everybody else though. Newspapers, friends, TV, all try their best to make up the best April Fools, I can spot them a mile off.

With April fool’s Day this year being on a Saturday, I was certain not to have anything done to me. With most people still being in bed up until around midday, which is the cut off for April Fools jokes isn’t it? And nothing was going to happen going into work in a morning. Lads have tried it in the morning while at work before and with disastrous consequences sometimes even ruining the whole flipping job! Most people forget its even April fools day and leave themselves prone to being caught out.

Also with April comes a new month, 4 months into 2017. Some people would say it’s going quick. I wouldn’t when I have got a lot on my plate. I have a massive Basement Water­pro­ofing job to be done last week of this month followed by another one two weeks later. Will make sure I order my products needed from Twistfix soon, for me a contractor I find this one of the busiest times of the year. I think the next few months will hectic. However I will take it in my stride this is what I enjoy doing.

'Do you also have a Basement Wa­ter­pro­ofi­ng job coming up in the next week/month? Above and below ground waterproof membranes available here

Water­pro­ofing Membrane

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Apple and Damson Trees

Coming back from work on Tuesday I saw the wife was messing around in the kitchen by the doors to the garden, I went over to see what was happening to find out she had bought 4 trees, two apple and two damson trees after she went out for only one, what made her buy so many?

I was unsure if the garden needed them, let alone if we have the room to fit them in. We only have a small garden ¼ of the room taken up by a shed in the corner and in one corner we have an area that needs.  I guess it is a good time to start work in the garden for summer, we have just had our kitchen done. Maybe this is the next project? It has been two years since we had a Japanese Knotweed problem, I took care of that with the Round Up from Twistfix. Since my garden has been spectacular! (in the summer anyway)

I decided to make tea while the wife moved the trees around to find where best they fit. The garden isn’t particularly my thing and I’m happy to keep out of any decisions made on it and hopefully I won’t be roped in to maintaining the trees. Still after 20 minutes no place had been found for the trees. I had advised to not put them near the shed door as it would knock the tree over when it was swung open. I think it took over and hour for her to make the final decision I haven’t since even looked to see where they are, Most likely blown over.

It’s important to prepare your garden by decluttering and getting rid of any weeds that not only look horrible but some can cause structural damage.

Purchase 'Round Up' and get your Garden 'Summer Ready'

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Rail Strike Misery

Often I do need to rely on public transport to get to places unfor­tuna­tely it never seems to run smoothly.

This weekend I decided to have a weekend off which for me is very rare, I always seem to work over the weekends. It was the wife’s idea to go away to such a place and she also suggested using public transport after a bit of persuasion I agreed to go. Firstly we had to catch a bus from town waiting at the bus station for a bus to come which tool 30 mins! Despite adverts claiming buses were every 7 mins. Having hopped onto a bus and travelled a nice scenic route for more than an hour we had reached were we wanted to be. We decided to come home after 6:00pm and were both appalled to find there was not a bus home after 5:40pm. Train home it was. After a 20min walk to the train station a huge sign had been placed outside warning of industrial strike action on Monday 13th March, that’s today! Most if not all services would be cancelled. That’s a bad blow for regular transport users.

I had bought a newspaper from the shop on the station and I stumbled across a news story that stated that more than one home every minute will need to be refurbished in the UK between now and 2050, they will need to insulate 25 million home as a way of cutting carbon emissions, homes needing to be renovated at a rate of 1.4 homes a minute. That’s a lot! Led me to think ‘is it possible?’

Leaving the train, none of our tickets we had bought for the journey had been checked should I add. I thought to myself. Let’s not do this again.

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