Wall Ties: The Longest and the Strongest

Twistfix is a company that is extremely well known in the trade as superior providers of a wide and diverse range of quality construction and renovation materials and tools.

Long helical wall ties

They have introduced many innovative products over their many years of trading experience and have most recently upgraded the selection of wall ties available; customers can now purchase the longest, strongest wall ties available on the market today.

Structural repair ties perform the crucial function of reinforcing vulnerable masonry walls by forming mechanical interlocking connections without using expanding mechanisms or adhesives.  As there is no need for cement-based grout the solution overcomes material compatibility issues, making it ideal for wall reinforcement in listed heritage buildings and ancient monuments. Installation causes little disturbance and so structural repair tie schemes are also often used in hospitals, care homes, schools and residential areas.

To support vulnerable masonry, the 316 marine-grade stainless steel wall ties have to be robust; this problem is immediately solved by manufacturing them with a substantial cross sectional area. The strongest and longest helical fixings available on the market today, these wall ties boast double the strength of any similar spiral-shaped ties.

Small pilot holes are drilled before the ties are hammer-driven into place, from where they radically increase the tension and shear capacity of masonry structures. The tying system is a massive ten times faster to install than other deep pinning systems and a wide variety of uses includes pinning masonry arches, crack stitching at corners, securing stone quoins and reinforcing parapet walls; the new extra-long options will further increase their scope of usage.

Installing extra-long helical wall ties, which are available in lengths of up to 54 inches,  requires the use of an SDS adapter and a special drill-bit set has been created especially. The sets include drill bits that have an exaggerated length-to-slenderness ratio to facilitate the progressive drilling of small yet deep holes into masonry, creating accurate paths along which the wall tie can travel. Tipped with tungsten-carbide for durability, the bits fit all professional hammer-drilling machines with a proprietary SDS+ chuck.

The new wall ties and accompanying drill-bit sets are already a popular item on the company’s website www.­twistfix.­co.­uk.  As Twistfix is a major supplier, they are always able to provide competitive pricing across their range and the new products are no exception; both have been made available at a significantly lower price than the RRP, further stimulating demand. There are several unique guidelines that need to be followed when installing extra-long wall ties and experts at Twistfix have reminded customers that technical advice is always available from their experienced team, as well as plenty of information on their website.

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