Warm Weather = Warm Roofs!

Warm weather means warm-roof construction time! Lots of houses are having a warm roofng installed to maximise thermally efficiency.  Over rafter insulation has the added benefit of adding additional 'room-in-roof' liviving space - make sure you get the best fixings by purchasing from Twistfix. Our Thor Helical Super-7 Warm Roof Batten Fixings are an essential part of YOUR kit and here’s why…

  • They are expertly-engineered and have taken over from more traditional and more delicate 6mm inskew fixings
  • Having a 20% bigger cross section, the Super-7's have a much larger capacity to resist  bending forces, which which have been increasing due to the selection of ever-thicker layers of insulation materials
  • Robust as standard, the upgraded Super-7 fixings are the brainchild of the same designer who created the original Helifix Inskew more than 30 years ago
  • The installation alignment jig is a Patented technology and it ensures that nailing is a simple, accurate and effective process every time, irrespective of how thick the insulation material may be
  • Super-7 fixings work with all types of insulation, including that manufactured by Eco-Therm, Kingspan and Celotex
  • Security is guaranteed by the secure fixings which are held deep within the material of both the rafter and the counter-batten
  • Warm roofing panels must fit tightly together in order to ensure that the insulation benefits, in terms of both environmental damage reduction and lowering of energy bills, are made manifest. Thor Helical warm roof fbatten fixings hold the insulation securely in place and thus help to acheive this tight seal
  • Because of their increased performance you don't have to use as many Thor Helical fastenings as you would with traditional alternatives, representing a dramatic cost saving in terms of labour
  • Testing of the fixings has been thorough and intense - they meet all technical requirements of the NHBC as well as adhering strictly to Eurocodes and BS standards

Nobody knows just how long the good weather will last, as is the typical way when it comes to a UK summer. This means that you should follow the old adage of making hay while the sun shines - though in this case you will be installing roof insulation and not actually making hay, the principle stands!

Get your kit complete by ordering Thor Helical Super-7 Warm Roof Nails from Twistfix - as with all of our products, you are guaranteed an extremely competitive market price and, when you team that with the impeccable customer service that is so often commented on, you’re looking at the very best deal around. Oh, and did we mention the current £13 price discount?!

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