Waterproofing Membranes: The Baseline Collection from Twistfix

Protecting floors and walls from the damaging effects of water is a crucial construction process and this is especially true when it comes to the floors and walls of basements and other underground structures. Twistfix is an expert supplier of a comprehensive range of basement waterproofing products; the range includes our British-made collection of Wykamol tanking membranes, which are the subject of this edition of the Twistfix blog.

Waterproofing membranes are key components of a sealed basement tanking system, the purpose of which is to manage and subsequently dispose of water that ingresses into a structure behind the membrane. All of the Baseline products detailed in this article have been approved by the BBA (British Board of Agrément) as Type C compliant, meeting the BS 8102: 2022 standard. 

8 mm Cavity Drain Membrane 
This versatile cavity drain membrane is ideal for waterproofing basement walls and can also be used for tanking floors that are susceptible to persistent moisture or high levels of groundwater. Comprising a water-resistant sheet fitted with 8mm stand-off studs that provide a constant gap to allow unhindered drainage, CM 8 cavity drain membrane is available in a choice of two sizes.

The membrane is quickly and simply installed in a manner similar to that of wallpaper-hanging except that nylon brick plugs are used instead of paste. When used for tanking floors, the Baseline 8 cavity drain membrane is laid like lino, with waterproofing tape used to seal joints and junctions between sheets.  

8 mm Mesh Plaster Membrane 
Expertly moulded from robust HDPE (high density polyethylene), these membranes are equipped with a surface of polypropylene mesh to form a reliable key for plaster or dabs of adhesive for dry-lining purposes. Primarily used to waterproof basement walls, thus helping to create a Grade 3 dry environment as part of a Type C tanking system, CM 8 mesh membranes can be used with equal success to damp proof walls above ground level.  

20 mm Cavity Drain Membrane
When the drainage capacity required for a given project is exceptionally high, CM 20 cavity drain membrane is the most suitable solution. Like CM 8, this premium-quality basement waterproofing membrane features integral studs that allow for drainage and disposal of water: the difference is that the stand-off studs of the Wykamol CM 20 are much larger, measuring 20mm each. 

As well as being used to waterproof walls and floors, Wykamol membranes are also suitable for elements such as tunnels and vaulted soffits, which are often a feature of major civil engineering applications. In addition, their impermeable surface permits screeds and floors to be directly laid. 

Please browse the Twistfix website for more details about these products, along with our complete basement waterproofing collection.

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