Weed Between the Lines...

It’s a delight to see a bit of sunshine back again - it has certainly raised our spirits and we hope it has raised yours too, particularly those of who who were affected by the nationwide flooding incidents earlier in the year. We are not the only ones to be enjoying the (slightly, but we are still grateful!) warmer weather - the increased temperature has spurred on the growth of plants, weeds included. More sunlight, plentiful showers and a high groundwater level are letting the weeds get a good grip and the time to fight back is now!

Before anyone even mentions The Day of the Triffids, the unwanted plants the seem to come back every year are no joke and can have damaging effects beyond the obvious marred aesthetics of a beautiful lawn, which loses all of that beauty when spotted with miserable-looking weeds. They are particularly hardy and crowd out other, more desirable species, growing at twice the rate and sometimes destroying rival species altogether in the ever-hungrier quest for dominance.

Root systems can be large, strong and complex while certain weeds, such as Japanese Knotweed, can be so problematic that your insurance rates could rise, you could be refused a mortgage and could even end up in the dock. Some weeds can be harmful to humans or animals, causing skin and eye irritation, respiratory difficulties and even severe burns (see our article on Giant hogweed for more details).

Getting rid of weeds is clearly essential and, whatever the scale of the operation, Roundup Pro Biactive is the swift sure answer to your problems. The product is available in several forms and sizes to allow the most suitable to be found though the effective active chemical it contains, Glyphosate, is the common thread throughout. This chemical works by blocking the weed’s enzymatic system, stopping it from photos­yn­the­sising and quickly starving it to death. Humans and plants have exotically different enzymatic systems and so the product has no negative effects on us or our beloved pets.

Whether the weeds are perennial or annual, intolerable or unbearable, Roundup Pro Biactive is the solution you’re looking for and is already used by many schools, local councils, commercial premises and industrial facilities all over the UK. How do you know which ones? They’re the ones with no weeds of course!

Getting the right type of product is important and our expert team can help. Call us, email us, talk to us online - don’t let the weeds win!

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