Wood Treatment: Protect & Preserve

Wood is such a versatile construction material that it has been used for thousands of years. As an organic material, it is strong and beautiful but vulnerable to damage in a wide variety of ways: Twistfix is proud to supply a comprehensive collection of remedial and protective timber treatment solutions to these problems, supplied as both concentrates and ready-to-use products.

Here we look at four of our most popular professional wood treatment options, two of which are supplied ready to use and two of which are supplied in a concentrate form; the concentrates require diluting with water prior to use.

No More Rot Insecticide

Specifically formulated to eradicate infestations of wood-boring insects, such as woodworm, No More Rot Insecticide is supplied in liquid form and is ready to use straight from the container.  Whether used on doors, windows, floorboards, roof timbers or any other interior woodwork, the highly effective formula penetrates wooden surfaces quickly and deeply, destroying wood-boring insects and preventing the occurance of further infestations.

No More Rot Dual Purpose

With all of the qualities of No More Rot Insecticide, this liquid timber treatment also contains fungicides that attack both wet and dry rot along with blue stain. The product can be used on internal or external timber though requires sealing with a weatherproof finish when used outdoors. Simply applied with brush or spray, No More Rot Dual Purpose is a highly effective insecticide/ fungicide that is virtually odourless for comfortable, safe application.

Microtech Insecticide Concentrate

For larger-scale projects, it makes financial sense to use concentrates. Microtech Insecticide is sold in 150g containers, the contents of which produce 25 litres of solution when diluted. The product rids timber of wood-boring insect infestations and prevents re-infestation.

Microtech Dual Purpose F/1 Concentrate

In addition to being an efficient woodworm killer, this dual purpose timber treatment is effective against fungi, wet/dry rot and blue stain. Microtech Dual Purpose F/1 Concentrate is sold in 150g containers that can be diluted to create 25 litres of effective wood preservative treatment.

Discover the full collection of wood preservative treatments on our website. Need advice on choosing the right product? Just give our skilled technical team a call.

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