Woodworm Treatment: Defeat the Beetles!

Woodworm season has officially begun and that means that there are plenty of people looking for professionals to help them defeat infestations of wood-boring insects. Make sure you are ready to immediately accept potential contracts in this area: choose the bestselling Woodworm Treatment Kit from Twistfix.

'Woodworm' is a term applied to the larvae of a number of species of wood-boring insects including common furniture beetles and the destructive death-watch beetle. The life cycles of these beetles are typically 3 to 4 years and begin when adult beetles lay their eggs deep within timber. When the larvae hatch, they begin to eat through the timber, forming tunnels that can have serious negative effects on the timber's strength and structure. After pupating, the larvae emerge during the spring and summer seasons as adult beetles which burrow back into the timber to begin the damaging cycle once again.

Designed for use only by building professionals, the collection of woodworm treatment options available from Twistfix is of consistently-superlative quality. Our most comprehensive and cost-effective option is the Woodworm Treatment Kit, which contains everything required to efficiently and reliably eradicate woodworm infestations.

Our bestselling Woodworm Treatment Kit includes 5 x 1L containers of Lignum Pro I62.5 insecticide concentrate: the formula in each of these containers renders 25L of insecticide when diluted with water to deliver 125L in total. Micro-emulsion technology ensures total penetration into affected timber, ensuring that woodworm infestations can be completely eliminated as well as providing protection against repeat infestations in the future. In addition to the insecticide concentrate, the Twistfix Woodworm Treatment Kit includes a 25L storage/mixing container and a professional spray unit with integral adjustable brass lance.

For more information on our bestselling Woodworm Treatment Kit, including a step by step guide on how to apply it for best results, check out the product page on the website.

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