You Need the Twistfix App: Here's Why...

Most people are now familiar with using a mobile device to access the internet and purchase goods. Doing so via an app rather than by mobile internet is the best way to do it for lots of reasons and so Twistfix have created our very own mobile app for your convenience. Why download? Read on to find out….

It’s FAST. Time is of the essence. Time flies. Time is money. These expressions haven't taken root in our language for no reason and time continues to be the most important thing in our lives! Saving time is therefore always a good thing and the Twistfix app helps you to do just that with its fast browsing and purchasing experience

It’s SAFE: your online security is as important to us as it is to you. We have worked closely with our digital agency to ensure payment systems are as secure as possible online, with the latest, most effective software protection in place

It SAVES: downloading the app costs nothing and only takes a moment. App users can then enjoy an across-the-board 2.5% discount on our products compared to online prices

It’s FUN: app users will be able to join in exciting competitions to win cool tech prizes such as the Apple iPad mini and Sport Watch we have given as prizes in the past.

It’s CURRENT: we will continue to work with our digital agency to ensure you get the most modern experience, updating the app where necessary. We want to make things as smooth, practical and aesthetically pleasing as possible to optimise your time spent using the app. Product updates will happen automatically, meaning you always get the most accurate information at your fingertips.

It’s INFORMATIVE: we have worked hard to create a complete set of how-to guides that facilitate your work with our products. Clear, competent and reliable, these guides are immediately accessible through the Twistfix app.

It REMEMBERS: will store your invoices and accounts as long as you want it to, helping you keep track and stay in control

Get the Twistfix app today and start enjoying YOUR unlimited 2.5% discount.

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