Basement Drainage Channels for Waterproofing Cellars

The supply of premium-quality cellar water­pro­ofing solutions is a Twistfix speciality, and we offer a compre­hen­sive collection of related products including sump pumps, pumping stations, water­pro­ofing membranes and more.  This edition of the Twistfix blog focuses on our extensive selection of basement drainage channels and ancillaries.

Our collection of these crucial waterproofing products includes:

WaterGuard Drainage Channel

The WaterGuard Aqua Channel is part of a fully-engineered system of basement drainage channels.  Each channel features an upstand, profiled flanges, and a series of holes in the back to allow incoming water to be collected and its exit to be correctly managed, providing reliable drainage from leaks in basements and diverting the water to a sump and pump arrangement.

Laying the drainage channel is easy.  It simply sits on pea gravel in a pre-prepared trough dug around the perimeter of the walls, in the basement floor.  Note that the minimum dimensions of the trench are 125mm in width and 100mm in depth.  The WaterGuard drainage channel is available in individual lengths or a cost-effective multi-pack of eight



Central Drainage Channel

Central Drainage Channel is similar to the above item but without an upstand.  It also carries water to a sump, where a pump discharges it to a suitable drainage point.  It is especially suited to cellar floors with stepped-footings or applications where drainage runs across the floor rather than around its edges.  The flangeless channels are available singly or in bulk packs of eight lengths.

Baseline Drain Jetting Eye

Dirt and debris that builds up in channels can seriously impact drainage performance.  The Baseline drain jetting eye works in conjunction with central or perimeter drainage, enabling thorough drainage flushing as part of a regular cleaning and maintenance regime.  Each component incorporates an outlet that takes a standard 50mm ABS plastic pipe and fittings.

We also offer access to a range of fittings and connectors for use in any combination to exactly suit the size and shape of any individual basement.  These include drain ends, corners, outlets and T-connectors.

Baseline-Jetting Eye

Check out the Twistfix website to discover our complete collection of basement drainage products and ancillaries, along with information about all of our other cellar waterproofing supplies and solutions.

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