Brick Tinting Products to Dye For!

Over time, the elements can wear away the attractive natural colour of brickwork, destroying the aesthetic appeal of a structure. Twistfix offer a reliable, cost-effective method of repairing such damage in the form of brick dyes which can quickly restore or even completely transform the look of your property. In this edition of our blog, we'll look in more detail at our brick tinting dyes and show you just how easy they are to apply

To create brick staining dyes, premium-quality pigment powders are dissolved in a robust fixative fluid, resulting in a product that is supplied ready-to-use. Once applied, the dye is deeply absorbed into the pores of the brick, producing a strong, integral bond and giving a natural-looking finish that is entirely vapour permeable. The brick texture will remain unaffected.

We supply brick tinting dyes in convenient 1L containers: this amount of formula can be used to tint up to 25 square metres of brickwork, dependent upon the porosity of the bricks and the depth of shade required. A wide range of colours is available including Rich Brown, Old London Red/Yellow, Rustic Red, Burnt Orange, Classic Plum, Traditional Red and Carbon Black.

Guide to Application

  • Any absorbent material will be stained by brick dye so be sure to protect the area appropriately. Protective clothing should always be worn.
  • To check if the chosen shade is correct, it is recommended that a trial application be carried out in an inconspicuous area. To prevent wastage, Twistfix supply brick dye testing pots, each containing 75ml of formula in your chosen shade. 
  • Prepare the bricks by cleaning them and making sure that they are entirely free of debris and dust. 
  • Thoroughly shake the formula before decanting into a suitable vessel. If you require a lighter shade, you can dilute the formula with clean water. Do not dilute to a ratio exceeding one part of formula to two parts of water. 
  • Begin painting the brick dye directly onto brick faces using a clean brush of professional quality. Do not overlap the brush strokes as this can result in a darker shade being produced.
  • When the formula has fully dried, the result can be examined to ensure that the required shade has been produced. Further coats can be applied as necessary after this drying process is complete. 

For further information about our brick tinting dyes and to see the full range of available colours, please browse the Twistfix website. If you need any advice, do not hesitate to contact our expert technical team.

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