Condensation & the Risk to your Health

The weather has taken a turn for the worse and this naturally has many of us reaching for the thermostat. As it gets colder outside and warmer inside, the problem of condensation is increasing and more damp- and mould-related health complaints are recorded during ‘condensation season’ than any other time of year.

How can mould affect my health?

As it grows and goes through its life cycle, mould produces spores containing substances that can cause allergic reactions in the human body and are sometimes outright toxic. The spores, once touched or inhaled, are absorbed by the body, which defends itself by producing symptoms including a runny nose, sneezing, red eyes, skin irritations and rashes.

If your residence is damp and mouldy, you are far more likely to also have respiratory problems and infections. The function of the immune system can be reduced as a result of absorbing toxic mould spores.

Who is affected by mould-related health complaints?

Anybody can be affected, even those who have never suffered skin or respiratory disorders before and so it is essential that mould is quickly removed, as well as the underlying cause of the dampness. Some people are more susceptible than others to the issue, including:

  • Children, particularly babies

  • OAPs

  • People with pre-existing skin conditions, including eczema

  • People with pre existing respiratory conditions, including bronchitis. Mould spores can also trigger an asthma attack

  • People with weakened or damaged immune systems

How can I get rid of mould?

We supply a comprehensive and professional range of mould removal solutions designed to quickly eradicate the problem. Removing mould is the first step but it is also important to identify the cause of the dampness that has allowed the mould to thrive - in a great number of cases, the problem is down to condensation and there are lots of methods available from us to ensure that water vapour in your property is kept to its absolute minimum.

Browse our professional collection of condensation control products and call our team to find out how to further reduce damp problems during condensation season.

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