Crack Sealer Plus

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Crack Seal Plus is an injection filler designed to repair and bond those hard to fill narrow cracks in bricks, blocks, render and concrete. Small flexible nozzles enables masonry cracks as fine 2mm wide to be filled and sealed without the use of injection ports.  If further cracking is to be avoided the filler repair should be used in conjunction with mechanical crack stitching bars and not in place of them

Simply mix the epoxy base with the hardener and fill dispensing tube.  Attach 2mm flexible nozzle to fill cracks ranging from 2-6mm wide.  Inject resin adhesive into cracked brickwork, concrete or masonry.  The epoxy sealer reduces viscosity under injection pressure to fill and seal micro cracks and fissures.

The advanced formulation ensures that the crack filler provides a fully waterproof seal to protect against freeze-thaw damage and thereby compliment structural crack stitching repairs.  Crack seal is quick and easy to use and is ideal for the repair all types of cracked masonry.  Available in ‘brick red’ and in ‘concrete grey', the 300ml pack of epoxy resin is sufficient for 30mm deep injection of a 5m long crack that is 2mm wide.

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22nd Feb 2014, 12:56
Easy order. Delivery ahead of time. Product worked a treat.
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13th Sep 2013, 13:44
Very quick delivery. Easy to use. Exactly as advertised,

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