Damp Proofing Products: The BBA Mark of Excellence

Many of the products that make up the extensive Twistfix portfolio carry official British Board of Agrément (BBA) approval and certification. The BBA only approve products that have been extensively tested to prove that they are of the highest specification.

Damp proofing cream

The BBA was set up more than five decades ago in 1966. As an independent organisation, the BBA provides extensive inspection, testing, certification and approval services that are widely recognised by local authorities, trade associations, building control companies and insurers. In addition, the BBA is also authorised to provide CE marking assessments and to monitor those working on BBA-approved construction and renovation projects.

BBA-approval helps to reassure those working in the construction industry, allowing them to be confident that the products they are using are guaranteed to be fit for purpose. The organisation's strict programme of testing and surveillance, coupled with reviews post-certification, ensures that approved products meet or exceed all of the criteria and specifications set out in the product's certificate. BBA approval is thus a reliable mark of excellence, based on exacting national and European standards.

Along with our Baseline range of tanking membrane, one of the key products at Twistfix that carries official BBA certification is our Dampcure damp proofing cream. Unlike many competing brands, some of which are often marketed with spurious claims like 'improved strength' or 'high active ingredient'. Dampcure damp proofing cream has been thoroughly and independently tested to prove its effectiveness.

Though damp proofing cream that is not BBA-approved may be slightly cheaper, it represents the very definition of a false economy. There are countless cases of contractors cutting corners by using inferior damp proofing cream which proves ineffective, necessitating that the entire disruptive job be done for a second time. Choosing to use BBA-approved Dampcure damp proofing cream provides assurance that the formula is of superlative professional quality.

Dampcure damp proofing cream is available from Twistfix in a wide variety of format options, from single cartridges to multi-packs and comprehensive kits. We invite you to browse the Twistfix website to find out more details our BBA-approved products and, if you need any further information or advice, please do not hesitate to contact our skilled technical team directly.

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