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Rising Damp is a 1970s British TV sitcom, starring the inimitable Leonard Rossiter as long-suffering landlord Rigsby and… oh right – you mean THAT rising damp! Sorry. Though the program, which centred around a rather old and shabby house, was not named that for no reason! Although well-known, rising damp is the least common form of damp problem in UK houses. When it does occur however, it poses a serious threat of damaging structural elements such as bricks, mortar, plaster and timber. It should therefore be remedied immediately.

Quite often rising damp can be reversed by simply removing items that are bridging a perfectly operative damp proof course. For example raised patios, raised flower-beds and blocked cavity wall have all been responsible for bridging a DPC and allowing groundwater to be absorbed into the wall at a level above the buried damp course.

Masonry is porous and naturally attracts water, both vapour and liquid, through a process of capillary motion. Ground water drawn into the masonry subsequently evaporates, leaving behind salts and chlorides on the surface which build up over time. Salt also attracts water and so the cycle is established, drawing water higher up each time to around a metre in height, leaving a clear line of demarcation. This line, along with visible salt deposits, is the classic symptom of rising damp, a problem that occurs most often in buildings with an insufficient or non-existent damp proof course

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Of course there are many instances where DPC-bridging soil levels cannot be reduced and many more instances where rising damp is caused by a missing or defective damp proof course. The two most common treatments for rising damp are chemical damp proof injection and electro-osmosis damp proofing. Twistfix are expert suppliers of a comprehensive range of both electroosmotic and damp proof injection solutions and are able to advise on which is the best method for the particular property.

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Our incredibly popular rising damp injection treatment consistently lives up to its enviable reputation. The injection cream has been specially formulated using an emulsification process to offer professional results every time. Once applied, the BBA Accredited damp injection cream will rapidly migrate through all of the pores in the masonry, forming a strong and effective damp proof course. Wall plaster can then be renewed using either a Twistfix mesh membrane barrier or a plaster additive; inhibiting salt deposits and breaking the damaging rising damp cycle.

For more information on the range of rising damp treatments and solutions available from Twistfix, please call our experts or chat LIVE online!

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