Condensation Control with the Nuaire Dri-Eco-Heat-HC Fan

Condensation is one of the most common causes of damp in houses. As the autumn progresses and winter approaches, the difference in outside and inside temperature becomes greater, increasing the likelihood of condensation occurring. Poor ventilation worsens the situation, allowing humid air to condensate on cooler wall surfaces and generating unsightly and unhealthy mould. One of the most effective solutions to the damaging problem of condensation mould is a positive-input ventilation fan.

Twistfix is a proud supplier of the Nuaire Dri-Eco-Heat-HC positive-input ventilation fan, which is quick and easy to instal within any property's internal roof space. The fan takes advantage of solar thermal gain at ordinary air temperatures; when these temperatures drop below normal levels, it is a matter of simplicity to activate the fan's integral heating function, which distributes warm and filtered fresh air all around the house.

Though producing such powerful effects, the Nuaire Dri-Eco-Heat-HC ventilation fan consumes an ultra-low amount of power and operates at a whisper-quiet level. The responsive and intelligent system continually monitors the air for any evidence of condensation and activates appropriately. If no condensation is detected, the fan automatically enters standby mode, resulting in even more energy and cost savings.

The Nuaire Dri-Eco-Heat-HC fan offers significantly-improved indoor air quality,  encourages the movement of moisture-laden air and directs it out of and away from the building. As well as preventing condensation, this action also works to reduce pollutants in the air.

Supplied with a manufacturer’s 7-year warranty  for complete peace-of-mind, theNuaire Dri-Eco-Heat-HC from Twistfix is available at our signature competitive price. More info is available on the product page on our website, where you can also find a detailed user guide in PDF format.

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