Fixings for Flat Roof Insulation

Fixings for Flat Roof Insulation

The spiralling costs of energy, along with the ever-more pressing need to reduce the emissions that contribute to climate change, mean that properly insulating properties has never been more important. When it comes to flat roofs, a leading method of providing this crucial insulation is with the use of plywood laminate boards; leading brands include Reticel, Eco-Therm, Kingspan, Celotex and Xtratherm. 

When installing these insulation boards, it is vital that they are securely fixed into place to ensure that they deliver the best possible performance. Among the various flat roof fixings used to achieve this, by far the highest-quality are Insofast-18 flat roof nails, which are available to purchase from Twistfix with a significant discount on the manufacturer's RRP. 

Insofast-18 flat roof fixings are single-piece helical anchors which feature a domed heads and spiral shafts. They are suitable for use with all flat roof insulation systems and are quickly and easily installed, saving precious time. The fixings can be installed manually but it is recommended that they be installed using an SDS hammer drill equipped with a special setting tool; for your convenience, this item is also available to purchase as part of our comprehensive product portfolio.   

The fixings offer self-tapping action, which means they can be reliably installed without the need for time-consuming and potentially-problematic pre-drilling. Crafted with hardened cutting blades, Insofast-18 flat roof fixings provide a permanent, exceptionally secure fix. 

As the flat roof nails boast a cross-sectional area a full 33% smaller than a solid shaft of equal diameter, they are especially thermally-efficient. The distinctive spiral shafts of the fixings ensure that disturbance to the insulation boards is kept to an absolute minimum, as well as assisting with edge-distance compliance and reducing any potential for cold-bridging. 

Insofast-18 flat roof insulation fixings are much easier to use that conventional nail fixings, resulting in a more secure fix with much less effort. As insulation boards can be fixed to their supporting rafters at spacings of 600 x 400mm, less than seven fixings are required to secure each square metre of board surface. 

These superior fixings are made from grade 304 stainless steel and are plated with zinc of premium quality. Here at Twistfix, you can purchase Insofast-18 flat roof fixings in a choice of six sizes to exactly suit the width of different insulation boards. 

Check out the product pages on our website for more detailed information about Insofast-18 flat roof insulation fixings and the special SDS adapter. As always, our expert technical team can be contacted directly should you need advice. 

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