Flood Control When You Need it Most

We probably don’t have to tell you the weather has been awful - wherever you live in the country! This winter, for the first time ever, UK storms have been given a official name-status. This week the US-named Storm Jonas or the 'snow-maker' is due to hit the UK. It brings with it a barrage of heavy rain and strong winds, which will combine with high spring tides to cause a flood risk along western coasts along with a general risk of river flooding.

Are you prepared for the next thing Mother Nature throws at you?  Select from the Twistfix collection of Flood Defence products.

Hydrosnake Flood Defence Barrier

Prevention is better than cure so make sure you always have a Hydrosnake handy!

  • The self-inflating sandbag alternative that has taken the world by storm
  • Lightweight (less than half a kilogram when dry) and easy to handle
  • innovative super-absorbent polymer crystals hold up to 20 litres of water, forming a sturdy flood defence barrier of 20kg in weight
  • Envi­ron­men­tally-friendly - no dangerous chemicals means you can simply empty used Hydrosnakes into the drain

Flood Pump Kit

When you need to get floodwater out fast, this comprehensive kit is there to help.

  • Extremely simple fully-automatic operation takes all the hard work out of a difficult job
  • Fast and efficient - is capable of discharging 10,000 litres an hour. That’s nearly 3 litres a second!
  • Comprises robust and reliable fully-submersible pump, a generous 20m discharge hose complete with convenient quick-fix connector and a lidded filter tank that offers optional extra protection during use
  • Can be stored beneath suspended floors where high water tables are a problem - the device will automatically switch on if required, leaving you completely confident and relaxed

Check out the rest of our Flood Control and Flood Restoration products and don’t get caught out by the next storm, what ever its name!

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