Flood Restoration: Three Essential Products

Once again, heavy rain has meant that many areas in the UK are either already flooded or have flood warnings currently in place. Twistfix supply a comprehensive array of flood protection and flood remediation products to ensure you can repair flood damaged homes, as well as protecting these valuable assets against the effects of future floods.  Here are three essential flood remediation products from the collection.

Removing the Floodwater: The Flood Pump Kit

Getting rid of the floodwater is obviously the first step in any flood restoration project as, until this is done, no remediation work can begin. The Twistfix Flood Pump Kit contains a fully submersible automatic pump capable of discharging water from flooded properties at an impressive rate of 144 litres a minute; that is up to 10,000 litres every hour.

A long discharge hose, easy to use quick-fix connector and filtered tank are supplied with the high-performance pump.  The kit can also act as a preventative device, to start  pumping automatically, when stored beneath suspended floors.

Restoring the Damage: Tanking Membrane

Wykamol 3 mm tanking membrane, made from HDPE (High Density PolyEthylene), is a damp proofing material with mesh on one side and 3mm high raised studs on the other.  Semi-transparent, the material is robust yet pliable enough to be easily bent around awkward corners.  The membrane permits the early application of wall plaster or plasterboard finishes whilst the damp in the wall behind can dry-out naturally by virtue of the air-gap membrane technology.

The mesh membrane plugs and waterproofing tape required to install BBA Certified Baseline 3 Mesh Membrane are also available from Twistfix.

Protecting for the Future: Damp Proofing Paint

Technoseal liquid damp proof membrane is supplied in economical 5 litre containers. The imperious quick-drying damp proofing paint is extremely versatile and highly effective. 

Being non-toxic and solvent-free, the formula can be used with confidence of success both above and below ground.  A two-coat application of the paint protects walls from the damaging effects of water and damp.  The paint can be used in many waterproofing applications and is safe to use in potable water such that it can be applied to pond linings as a waterproof barrier.

Check out the 'Flood Restoration' page of the Twistfix website, where you'll find these products along with many more including masonry water repellent cream, renovating plaster, WaterGuard drainage channels, stopcocks and water switches. Don't forget that you can save an extra 2.5% on our already-competitive prices when you download and purchase from the Twistfix app.

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