Helical Bars and Crack Stitching on DIY SOS

The latest edition of the hit show DIY SOS with Nick Knowles a repair was needed in order to fix a gable end of a structure which was based in Stoke.

Helical Bars were the chosen repair method, the gable had cracked vertically and this made the structure unsafe and extremely unstable throughout the whole time that the work was ongoing to the structure.

After assessing the situation helical bars were inserted across the crack which had appeared in the walls, this method is known as crack stitching and it was an ideal solution to this particular problem. It prevented any further cracking from occurring.

Our crack stitching kit offers to our customers a high strength and non-disruptive solution which offers a  permanent solution for fixing cracked masonry walls.

The helical bars work because they are bonded with WHO-60 polimer modified grout into the horizontal slots, cut in bed joints to reinforce the masonry across the crack. When these have been installed the bars redistribute tensile forces over the reinforced area providing stability. When this has been completed the grout and the helical bars is concealed behind new pointing.

Next Epoxy resin was used in order to repair some brickwork which was poor and had been drilled into, this was used in order to try and restore strength back into the wall and to stop the problem was becoming any worse. Epoxy resin is a popular solution for re-bonding wide cracks in masonry walls and so it was an obvious choice here.

Twistfix have all these products and many more readily available, with our easy guides combined with product videos our customers can see how easy repairs can be. Combine this with our competitive prices and there isn’t any need to keep putting off getting those repairs done.

We are experts in Crack Stitching

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