Insulation Fixing Anchors from Insofast

With autumn here and winter soon to arrive, the weather is becoming noticeably colder and this means that many householders require insulation for their properties. As well as helping to maintain comfortable ambient temperatures indoors, proper insulation can result in vast savings in terms of reducing the amount of expensive energy required to heat a property. Such reductions in energy usage also help to reduce damage to our sensitive environment and climate. 

There are many different options when it comes to choosing the best insulation material for any given application. A commonly used material is mineral wool, which can be securely attached to masonry and concrete soffit boards with the use of Insofast 35 insulation anchors. Completely non-combustible, these superior insulation fixings are ideal for applications in which fire resistance is necessary. 

When installing mineral wool or indeed any other type of insulation, it is essential that the insulation is firmly and strongly secured to the masonry, as any slippage or displacement will result in their thermal performance being compromised. Insofast insulation anchors are a reliable, cost-effective way to ensure that this crucial hold is consistently achieved.

Insofast 35 insulation anchors are made using super-strength carbon steel, which is them coated with premium-quality zinc to enhance their strength further as well as to ensure exceptional resistance to corrosion. When installed correctly, these anchors provide no less than double the performance of traditional friction-fix tube anchors.

Along with perforated heads, IDF-35 anchors feature reinforcing centres of a domed shape. Each of these centres is connected to a precisely-pitched Thor Helical shank: these patented shanks enable the insulation anchors to corkscrew into almost any masonry type including brick, concrete and lightweight blocks.

An especially versatile product, Insofast 35 insulation anchors can be used for fixing insulation boards to masonry in conjunction with galvanised Rendalath: popular brands include Kingspan and Celotex. When fixing these boards, pilot holes are required: no such holes are necessary when fixing to Celcon or Thermalite blocks.

Twistfix supply Insofast 35 insulation fixing anchors in four different sizes from 110mm to 200mm in packs of either 20 or 400. We also supply the specialised SDS dome setting tool required for rapid, simple installation. For more details about this superlative product range, please browse the Twistfix website and contact our team if you require any further information. 

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