ISO-THERM: The Best Thin Internal Wall Insulation

Insulation is a key component of any property, helping to maintain a comfortable ambient temperature indoors as well as reducing power consumption, resulting in lower energy bills and less carbon emissions. It also helps to reduce the incidence of condensation, which can cause major damp issues within a property.

 When it comes to internal wall insulation, the use of traditional thick materials and their methods of installation is often extremely disruptive and can also increase the risk of the manifestation of moisture problems. The solution is thin internal wall insulation(TIWI): Twistfix can highly recommend ISO-THERM, designed and developed by leading company Wykamol. 

ISO-THERM insulation is made from a polyester-based material that has been specially woven to an ultra-thin thickness of just 4mm. The thermal wall insulation is extremely flexible, allowing it to be easily cut around electrical sockets and light switches; this flexibility also means that, in the vast majority of installations, things like skirting boards and door architraves can remain in place during the installation process. 

When ISO-THERM is applied directly to plastered walls of sound quality, the installation process causes minimal disruption and can take place extremely rapidly, even when used on large areas. After application, the thermal wall insulation can be finished with a plaster skim before being painted. 

ISO-THERM combines vapour-permeability with a fully waterproof quality, which enables it to strongly resist any lateral transference of damp. This ensures that there is no subsequent formation of efflorescent salt (chlorides and nitrates) on the finished surface. ISO-THERM displays such exceptional thermal benefit that it prevents any surface formation of unhealthy and unsightly mould. 
Any property, whether commercial or residential, that is vulnerable to condensation and subsequent damp and/or mouldy walls, can benefit from the installation of ISO-THERM, which is undoubtedly one of the very best types of TIWI on today's market. 

ISO-THERM insulation is fixed into place with the use of specialist adhesive, which should be trowelled onto walls to a depth of 5mm. Twistfix is a proud supplier of ISO-THERM as part of a comprehensive kit which, along with the required adhesive, contains sufficient material to cover 7.125 square metres of wall surface with minimal disruption.

For more information about the ISO-THERM kit from Twistfix, please check out the product page on our website, where you can also download a complete technical guide in PDF format. On our website, you will also find full details of our entire collection of condensation control products

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