Linings for Damp Walls

An essential part of any damp proofing project includes installing watertight barriers that isolate wet walls from internal plasterwork and decoration after introducing a chemical damp proof course (DPC). As an expert supplier of a compre­­hen­­sive range of professional damp-proofing products, you can, of course, rely on Twistfix to supply you with everything you need.

Wykamol CM3 Mesh Membrane

Damp and salt-conta­­minated walls can cause damage to internal surface finishes: CM3 mesh membrane from top brand Wykamol offers the solution. The effective damp proof membrane is crafted from premium-quality HDPE (High-Density Poly­­Et­­hylene) and incorporates low-profile suds on one side. The reverse comprises a polyp­­ro­­pylene mesh that provides a secure mechanical key for subsequent render, plaster or plasterboard dry lining.

CM3 mesh membrane combines high strength and durability with pliable flexibility to make it easy to work with: all you need to cut the membrane to the required size is a standard utility knife or pair of shears. In addition to providing a surface isolated from dampness and salts, this innovative tanking membrane is also suitable for use in bathrooms, showers, and wetrooms and for use as a moisture-proof barrier to support external render.

ISO-THERM Internal Wall Insulation

Specially made from woven polyester, this efficient wall insulation material offers excep­­ti­­onally high thermal benefit. The material is vapour permeable yet completely waterproof, preventing the lateral transfer of damp and thus protecting internal finishes, putting a halt to efflorescent salt formation.

Though especially strong and reliable, ISO-THERM is just 4mm in thickness and is extremely lightweight. The material is installed rapidly and easily with little disruption: skirtings, door architraves, and other features usually remain in place during instal­­la­­tion. Finishing the job involves adding a plaster skim.

Each purchase of ISO-THERM insulating material comes complete with the specialist adhesive required for successful instal­la­tion.

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