Wykamol CM3 Mesh Membrane

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Wykamol CM3 Mesh Membrane is a studded damp proof membrane that isolates damp and contaminated backgrounds from surface finishes.­  The high-density polyethylene (HDPE) tanking membrane incorporates 3mm low-profile studs and a polypropylene mesh on the reverse to provide a mechanical key for plaster, render or plasterboard dry lining on plaster dabs.

The 3mm mesh-membrane is typically used as part of a damp-proofing system on walls where it provides a surface that is totally separated and unaffected by dampness within the wall and ensures that the wall finish is protected from moisture and salts.

The membrane is tough, yet it remains pliable and can be easily cut to size using a utility knife or shears. It is also suitable for use in wetrooms and for outdoor use as a waterproof barrier to support external render.  CM3 Mesh Membrane is available in roll sizes of 10m2, 20m2 and 40m2

  Wykamol CM3 Mesh Membrane   Data
  Material   HDPE
  Sheet Thickness   0.5mm
  Membrane Height   3mm
  Water Void Capacity   2.19 l/m²
  Weight   0.5 Kg/m² 
  Water tightness at 60 kPa   >24 hours
  Working Temperature   -50°C to +80°C
  Softening Temperature   126°C
  Mean Compressive Strength   160 kN/m² 

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