Butyl Rubber Tapes for Waterproofing Membrane Joints

The Twistfix collection of basement waterproofing products is a comprehensive one and includes our trademarked Baseline range of cavity drain membrane. To ensure that a highly-effective and ultra-reliable basement tanking system can be installed using these superlative membranes, we also offer access to a superb ancillary selection of waterproofing tape and rope.

Made from butyl rubber of the highest possible quality, items from the Twistfix collection of waterproofing tapes are designed to work in perfect harmony with cavity drain membranes in basement tanking projects, ensuring that an impervious seal against water ingress is formed and maintained at every junction. 

As with all products we supply, the price-point of our waterproofing tapes is extremely competitive, providing our discerning customers with impressive discounts on the standard RRP. The collection includes: 

Waterproofing Tape
The signature item in this range, our butyl rubber waterproofing tape is double-sided and incorporates a super-strong adhesive which effortlessly and permanently seals the vulnerable lap joints of abutting cavity drain membrane sheets. Despite its exceptional strength, the tape offers remarkable flexibility, making application easy whether used on floors or walls. Each roll measures 22.5 metres in length. 

Waterproof Corner Tape
One aspect of basement waterproofing that is often neglected and can lead to the failure of the entire system is the proper sealing of junctions between floors and walls. Supplied on a convenient and cost-effective 20-metre reel, our easily-moulded waterproof corner tape measures a generous 150mm in width, allowing these crucial junctions to be given a permanent watertight seal. 

Overseal Tape
Single-sided and supplied in rolls measuring 22.5 metres in length, this robust tape is used to seal the tops of membranes where they overlap. Though primarily designed to deliver an impervious watertight seal to externally-taped joints, overseal tape has the additional quality of serving as a powerful vapour barrier. 

Fibre Tape
Fibre tape is a specialist product designed for use in conjunction with mesh-faced waterproofing membrane, where it provides a dependable waterproof seal at abutting joints. As the name suggests, one side of the tape has a fibre coating, resulting in a jointing detail that has the ability to take traditional renders and dot-and-dab adhesives. 

Waterproofing Rope
Waterproofing rope is a heavy-duty product and is designed to be wrapped closely around the shafts of brick or plaster plugs, thus negating any potential for water ingress between cavity drain membranes and their associated fixings. Supplied in lengths of five metres, the rope can also be used successfully to seal joints where the studs of membranes overlap one another without interlocking.  

Full details of these items, along with the complete Twistfix portfolio of basement waterproofing products, can be found on our website. 

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